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Natural resources for clean home

Have you ever wondered which include cleaning your home to us with advertisements offering healthier environment rescued from dangerous dirt? If you believe all the promises of the advertising offer, you will think that you can maintain a healthy home without loading their shelves many miraculous products.

All chemical cleaning products contain many compounds is often very dangerous to health, in particular, are sensitive to their children and pets. List of the many potential hazards due to the use of these products include skin and mucosal damage and even carcinogenic effects of some of the ingredients. Devastating truth is that for most products on the market no longer enough known effects of exposure. In addition to harmful effects on people, cleaners, and represent a serious environmental problem of the modern age.

Our grandmothers maintained their homes clean and fragrant despite the fact that they are not using modern chemicals.

Ubotrebom common ingredients that everyone has at home, you can make yourself safe and effective cleaning.

Here are some ideas:

1) alcoholic vinegar - dissolves dirt, grease, limescale and soap residue, removes odors and soften clothes.

2) soda - Removes odors and is an excellent tool for scrubbing and cleaning carpets.

3) medical alcohol - disinfects, cleans glass, mirrors, chrome finish and ceramic tiles.

4) lemon juice - disinfects and freshens the smell, dissolves dirt and stones and acts as a bleach.

5) salt - pure copper pans and ovens, absorb odors, acts as a scrubbing agent.

Besides these substances, for disinfecting, cleaning and refreshing scent in your living space, you can try a very effective essential oils of various plants, such as. Tea tree oil for disinfecting or lemon oil to remove the smell of smoke. They are slightly more expensive option, and some of them require certain precautions, but used in small quantities entered fragrant dose of playfulness that is worth to try.

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