utorak, 22. listopada 2013.

How quickly and inexpensively give your home a new flavor?

If you want to quickly and inexpensively redecorate your warm and safe nest and give it a whole new look, listen to what I have to say below today's topic: 

If you are sick of one and the same scene every day and if you live in a rented apartment, I think the following tips for small changes, very good for you.

Wall stickers are great, and they are not so terribly expensive. Walk to the store with the material for painting, you'll likely find beautiful wall stickers. You can order them via the Internet. There are plenty of sites that sell great decorations for the walls. Choose colors that you love. Your favorite room with the stickers on the wall will have a completely new dimension. And best of all, when you get bored easily you can be replaced.

On the walls you can put cloth. Buy a color and pattern that you want and live the transformation of your favorite hiding place.

New monochrome or colorful pillows are a great idea for a new beginning in your life. Enter the serenity to your life. Large colorful pillows are my favorite option.

Go to the market with second-hand goods, and try to slip some sweet carpet. Even when you rent your carpet can take on a new place to live. Colorful rug brings joy into the new space and exudes warmth. Choose a carpet that is easy to maintain.

Do not forget to images and photos, but first check the structure of the walls due to the need for drilling. Small battery drill is a great thing that you can give to yourself. Pictures and photos of each space gives a stamp of personality and a reminder of better times.