nedjelja, 6. svibnja 2012.

Aluminum foil can be very useful!

Improve efficiency of the radiator

The simple way you can get away more heat from the radiator with the same energy. How? Find or cut cardboard or plywood the size of the radiator and change him or aluminum foil. Place it between the radiator and the wall, and heat will be deducted from the film back into the room.

Protect mattresses

As parents, we simply can not resist, and that sometimes the baby does not bring in your own bed. Very often happen knowing that the baby dry and that's the problem ... Ask a few films under the sheet and you will solve the problem.

"Cracked" mirror

Do you have old, but very glad to mirror that is full of cracks and shadows created by peeling the background color. Problem solve to set the background mirror aluminum foil shiny side (be careful not to squash), and all together back in the box and fasten.

Sharpen Scissors

Aluminum foil cut into several strips that break few times and then cut it with scissors. After some cutting, scissors should be sharp. Very easy, right?

Easily move furniture

To a large and heavy pieces of furniture easier to push with one place to another, and not to damage the flooring or laminate, under the feet of wardrobes, tables, dressers and the like. place the pieces of folded aluminum foil. Some mat of membrane facing down.

The battery loses contact

If the battery is a device loses contact as often after prolonged use, simply cut a piece of aluminum foil, Fold it several times and inserted between the battery and the contact to fix everything, and yet allow the current time.

Always clean the fireplace

Love is warm by the fireplace, but I hate cleaning the ashes? At the bottom of the fireplace set a couple of thick aluminum foil and then stack the wood. When the wood burned, just pick up the film and that's it.

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