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Natural means of removing stains

Baby oil will help to clean the stains from wood furniture.

Especially those ugly white, made from the water. In addition to both you and your child can serve as an excellent bath, will help you and painlessly remove the patch. Edges of the patch and rub this oil - and everything will be quick and painless.

Led will remove all of your problems if you smear the baby fruit juice.

Stains from fruit juice and ice cream before washing rub ice cubes. I wax stains on the furniture or on floors easy to clean you eliminate them with ice cubes. Every stain, press ice cubes, and then remove the wax with the blunt side of a knife. During this procedure be careful not to damage the polish. It is a real annoyance to remove chewing gum taped with cloth, odijeće decor or furniture. Chewing gum is retracted into the fabric and not the outside. However, there is only one way to doskočiti this problem.

Chewing gum should first freeze! The items that you can put in the freezer leave there for a few minutes, so the gum freezes and you will easily be removed with a cloth. If the object is too large to fit in the freezer, the taped chewing gum put ice cubes and hold as long as the chewing does not freeze.

Chalk is an effective means for removing grease stains.

Of fresh stain fat sprinkle powdered chalk, and after a while polish mild iron. The effect can be enhanced if the chalk powder mixed with gasoline. When the mixture dries on the fabric, the place where the good spots brush.

Put the piece of school chalk in the box in which you store jewelry, whether it is gold plated or silver plated, certainly will not oxidize. Equally amazing, school chalk acts on pure silver, which under its influence will not darken.

Makeup on your shirt or collar shirt hm? Here are some simple tips for removing makeup with clothes.

Very easy istretirajte stain with denatured alcohol and a soft cloth.

Rub detergent on the stain gently with a finger.

You can also use a paste or a "stick" the stain and leave for several minutes before rinsing, if the stain is stubborn.

Rinse the stain area or the entire garment in a washing machine. Dry your clothes. If the stain is not gone take it to the dry cleaners.

Butter will come in handy for Sunday breakfast. But he has other than nutritional and other values?

Patches of grass, first rub with butter, and then wash the garment soap and hot water.

Similarly, if on your wool spots of the pitch (tar) is fresh, rub the butter. After this procedure, the blunt side of a knife and remove the butter and resin. Repeat as many times as necessary to stain disappears, and then wash the item as usual.

Chlorine use if you want to clean your woolen items stained with soot.

Wash them in water in which you put a little chlorine and let it soak for a while. When there is no trace of carbon black, woolen items rinse.

Do you want to successfully remove stains from your cotton-grass and white clothes, wash it in chlorine water (water that you add a little chlorine), and then rinse. It will be best if you are in the final rinse water, add one tablespoon of vinegar.

Chlorine will be happy to find handy if you decide to clean zastarljele rust stains from your garments.Although you before cleaning stains well diluted chlorine first - be careful, because he likes to bite the fabric so your efforts will only then become useless.

Sir will remove all your problems arising when you paint that you painted furniture defiled your floors ...

.. Be it on wooden floors or ceramic tile stains just need to rub the cottage cheese, but remember that you must be quick because if the paint is dry cheese will not be effective.

Vinegar and baking soda in your home

Natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda have less chance of skin irritation and respiratory allergies creation of retail, chemicals. In addition, safer for children and pets who could swallow.
Environmentally, their washing and release into the sewer will not contaminate the environment, and finance are far cheaper. Proper selection and use achieves the same effect as chemical agents.
What gives the wood glow, sparkle to the windows, reduces odor and keeps bacteria away from us?Believe it or not it is a product used for centuries in the household: the good, old vinegar!

According to some studies, white distilled vinegar has dozens of useful features in and around the home, from food to cleaning stubborn scaling.
Due to the high content of acid, white vinegar has an unlimited lifespan. Because of its acidity does not allow growth of bacteria so that is welcome in every kitchen and bathroom.

A few tips on how to use white vinegar:

First Clean and sanitize the cutting board and counter tops

Second Dezodorirajte of kitchen odors (brush the surface with vinegar and leave 30 minutes before rinsing with water)

Third Sweat stains on the clothes before washing brush with vinegar

4th Places where ants appear wipe with vinegar

5th Use vinegar as a softener of clothing (add a cup of vinegar in the rinse phase)

6th Remove the stones from the shower. Cloth soaked in vinegar to coat the shower or better yet, soak it in vinegar. After a few hours then wash.

7th Wash the windows. In the water add a little vinegar and wash windows. They can be dried crumpled newspaper.

8th Razmočite old brush (soak it in hot vinegar, then wash with warm water)

9th Prevent the formation of tartar on the shower to occasionally overwrite plate glass with vinegar and then rinse it.

Baking soda
Baking soda is known odavnina as a means for removing odors. Sprinkle in dry carpet and upholstered furniture, leave at least 15 minutes, and then suck. You can even sprinkle soda and dog and rub it vigorously and brush. Your pet will no longer have an unpleasant smell!

Add the half cup of baking soda in the laundry, in the end you will get a cleaner and more beautiful clothes, especially if you have an unpleasant odor. Soda can remove most of the moldy smell caused by the damp area.

Damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda is ideal for easy cleaning shiny surfaces of stainless steel (sink, faucets, pots etc..).

Tips for cleaning windows

If you want a quick, yet thorough cleaning windows, use a cloth for windows with a sponge on one side and a rubber eraser. Treat the cloth for windows like this: First, wash the window-panes The solution to clean the windows, but use quite a bit of the asset. For this, use the sponge side of the cloth, synthetic sponge or sponge cloth. Then remove the remaining moisture with a manhole, start from the upper left corner of the window and pull the rubber side of the cloth to the window in a vertical position in the upper right corner of the window. Without having to press firmly, because the narrow rubber eraser absorbs water and with little effort. From the right side go back to the left, while the entire window is not top-down to dry. The rest of the water and moisture in the corners and edges no gets wet wipe with a cloth or a special cloth for windows of a material similar to the skin that has a high absorption rate (or lambs skin).

Regardless of whether a little or a lot of windows are dirty, the sun is shining or not, this will be a way for a few minutes of clean and clear. It only takes a little practice to completely mastered this new way of cleaning windows. If you want your windows are clean and not to apply modern window wiper, do this: First, clean the windows in the usual way. Wipe with a cloth slightly moistened skin surface of the window moves from top to bottom. Never clean the shaft length and breadth, as you will consume unnecessary power and you know you've already completed. It is best to clean the outer pane only moves vertically and horizontally inside, otherwise you will see at a glance which side pane, you must later be cleaned, if you find any more stain. Important dermal patch that is during the cleaning, always clean that not only the wet and it is often a good rinse in clear water. Some traces of water droplets or removes back cloth for windows.

Window frames prat you twice a year, or sooner, depending on how dirty they are. When cleaning windows use a sturdy ladder that you can pass the bucket and cleaning gear. Do not climb on wobbly chairs or tables that do not fall off, you need to know that, according to statistics on accidents in the home, falls in the first place. Clean the door just as the window frames.

How to clean curtains?

If you live in a house surrounded by greenery, and if you reside in non-smokers only, enough to wash curtains twice yearly. Much more must be accompanied hangings in urban homes, especially if a lot of smoke on the premises. Here you will have to follow curtains every two months, and often even every month! Fortunately today curtain easily fostered.

To turn for a moment had a snow-white curtains on their windows, we recommend the following: remove the curtains, remove the metal curtain rods and hooks. Then wash the curtains in the washing machine tool wool at temperatures up to 30 ° E, and rinse them first in a large quantity of pure water in the tub to get out the worst dirt and then Prepare a solution of detergent and wool curtains protiskajte it carefully. Water can be cold as synthetic curtains submitted cold water, and even well before the turn yellow in warm water.

After washing thoroughly you wash curtains in plenty of water, and the last water you will add fabric softener. Time of the curtains and get a nice little pad will extend the time until the next wash, so it will not pull dust quickly. If washing in a dishwasher, the amount of detergent will depend on your machine, and soon. Primarily on the size of the curtain. Very large curtains do not ever follow in the machine because it would otherwise be out of print wrinkle, and you fail to remove creases only by hard board (with a damp cloth and at moderate temperatures).

In no case shall the curtains of the fibers to remain long in the water or to lay crumpled dry. Washed out of the water curtain (or from the machine, and always immediately after washing) and allow to drain excess water first into a tub or plastic container.

Curtains to put on the windows wet, but not wet, and therefore they should be hung on the first open, the bathtub or on the drying rack to drain, make sure that during the drying process does not squash.Curtains will hang as many do not really drop. Do not forget to first turn off the heating if the curtains hanging over their stove or radiator, or in their immediate vicinity. Synthetic curtain must not dry near heat, or it will soon shoot the fiber and turn yellow curtains.

Useful tips for cleaning house

Maintaining hygiene in the household is not just part of good education and Leniency for all family members. Glossy, polished floors and snowy white chandeliers are not yet a sign that the household is really wrong, if the angles that are less obvious, dusty and neglected.

In the tidy family is unacceptable for them to leave soiled bathroom, towels on the floor or thrown through the radiator, where it will surely get the rust stains. In no case, shall not be left out after the bath sponge wipe bath, and after washing sink and bidet. Toilet should be left in such condition as we found it. The toilet after each use to overwrite the provided brush, which must stand close at hand, let a good spray of water, a sponge wipe board after completion of an emergency, we should open a window.

Terry covers on the toilet lid and carpet on the floor should be washed every week. Brushes, combs, cosmetics, do not be left around, but stored in a drawer. Worn-out toothbrushes should be thrown away. Hair curlers, combs and brushes filled with remnants of hair does not indicate the housewife, just as worn-out brushes, shaving of the state of the host or the guest in the house.

Bed linen is changed every 2 weeks, and blankets for children and patients more often. It is not so important (although nice) windows are bright, but it is important that each family member receives two towels per week and one needed a bath. Garments that are worn during the day well, hung on the hanger (not thrown over a chair), leave them out there at night, and only the second day to save them in a closet.

If you serve food on the tablecloth, he must always be clean, and dirty as they should change it.Tablecloths in color are more convenient and less polluting than the white. If you have small children at home, it is covered with another cloth of vinyl. For everyday use the good paper towels. If the use of fabric, each family member should put his towel in the ring or a canvas bag marked with the name, to know who is who.

When the guests in the house, each time using guest must always have a new napkin. In particular, care should be taken before the guests do not bring the tablecloth with the remaining spots, deceiving that customer will not notice it. Kitchen must be particularly tidy. Garbage should be emptied before prenapuni, and washed with hot water and detergent, dry, covered with paper or a bag of garbage, and only then recharged. Empty containers should be disposed. Bottles of wine are covered in cobwebs in the basement, but not in the refrigerator or on the table.

Pets do not go into the kitchen. Dog or cat hair released regularly, so be wallpapered with furniture and carpets must be cleaned more frequently than where they are not. Cloths or carpets not shake the neighbor on the balcony or on the street. It may seem a housewife who lives in her home in the green, but not in the city. No one has the right to shake his household dust on his head, because why are vacuum cleaners? In front of each door should be wiped out and put doormat, from time to time be washed. Door handles should be cleaned regularly, not only on the front door rather than the entire apartment.

Windows to peru once a month. It is very convenient and saves so much time. varnished floor. We should not be a slave to clean, but should strive to the environment in which we live is neat and clean.When all the family members followed the rules of these small, that actually go to good behavior, much less the women had a sense that the free cleaners in the family.

How to clean the elements in the bathroom?

The next time you should clean the chrome elements in the bathroom, take a look at the medicine cabinet. Pour some alcohol from the bottle directly on a soft, absorbent cloth and clean it sink and other chrome parts. Alcohol is not necessary to rinse because it evaporates. After it shines chrome and also destroys the bacteria.

Clean hair spray from mirrors. When using hair spray, a few drops on the mirror finish required.Sticky droplets quickly wipe with alcohol to the mirror again was shining clean.

How to use boxes, baskets and other containers?

Use the trick with a basket Decorative basket or a box set in the room najzakrčeniju disorder, or close to it - usually the kitchen or living room. Things that do prostorijana other place, put in the basket.Whenever you leave the room crowded, remove items from the basket and return them to where they belong.

Organize small items all of which have more than four, requiring a separate box, for example. batteries, buttons, and shoe polish. Take advantage of the empty tin box of candy, washed plastic ice cream boxes and jars with lids in the military, mark and save them together in the kitchen and Bathroom cabinets.

Set of three baskets of laundry one for whites, one colored and one for the machine to wash by hand.Dispose of dirty clothes into separate baskets and you will not have to spend time sorting before each wash.

»Adopt a" Is the remote in your home is always difficult to find a remote control? It no longer has to be that if you stick it in the cart or in a ceramic or wooden bowl, not on the table. When such a "Adopt" an object, then you know where you will find him and where he disposed of after use. Pencils, writing blocks and scissors you can also specify their special place. Some you can cross to the habit and you will see that you will rapidly find - a table and work surfaces will not be overloaded.

With children's issues in a cassette tape with Take the plastic wheels and at the end of the day put all the toys and clutter in them and they odgurajte behind the couch. Use clear tape to see what they contain. If you can not get translucent boxes, photo paste the contents of the box lid to help your toddler fare where it stands.

The application of vinegar in the household

Shelves are filled with detergent cleaning products, making it difficult choice when buying, but also increases the disappointment when the asset for which you choose not to fulfill the promise of the manufacturer for cleaning. Chemicals that we are offered are full of harmful substances, are expensive and have very questionable effectiveness, while he was on the other hand always on hand much better and more convenient alternative - vinegar.

White vinegar is known as a universal tool to clean and can be used for various forms of dirt, among which are:

Dissolve 170 g sodium bicarbonate in a cup of hot vinegar, then pour the sink and let stand for 5 minutes, then rinse with water and sink will shine like new.

Trash can
Freeze like vinegar ice cubes, then melted with a little water in the trash and you will solve the unpleasant smell from the bins.

Instead of chemicals and various sprays, clean up kitchen surfaces with a cloth soaked in vinegar. You can pour the vinegar in a spray bottle that they will facilitate its implementation.

Mixture consisting of an equal ratio of water and vinegar rinse the inside of the refrigerator

Get rid of the accumulation of detergent and soap so that once a month, put a cup of vinegar into the container for baking, turn the empty dishwasher.

Directly to the grease stains rub a little vinegar and leave on for 15 minutes and wipe with a dry cloth.

Get rid of traces of tea and coffee cups on the way to a mixture of vinegar and salt, gently rubbing over the stains.

Pots will look like new if you boil them in the same ratio of water and vinegar.

Stickers and labels
It is easier to be removed when the previously oiled with vinegar. Allow to settle overnight and you can easily download them.

Shower heads
In the bag, mix a cup of vinegar and 80 grams of baking soda in it and soak the shower head. Leave on for an hour and head with water.

Before going to sleep in the toilet bowl pour in two 2 cup vinegar and leave it overnight. In the morning, and just let the water bowl will be clean.

Wooden cutting boards are full of bacteria, a practical means of disinfection is just vinegar.

Vinegar is the perfect thing

It has all the normal household, and most often used in cooking. Vinegar, however, can be helpful in relieving sunburn and relieve the pain and inflammation after insect bites. Vinegar is very effective as an ideal solution to many problems in the household is allowed.

A few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a bowl of water for your pet will prevent the occurrence of fleas and mange.
If your dog has any chance ferret honored for his nose toxic liquid (such was the case) rubbing his hair in vinegar of any kind and rinse
If your pet has an acute moist dermatitis or inflammation of certain parts of the skin, treat the area with vinegar of any kind
To remove pet urine from carpets can also use vinegar. But the best is the one obtained by the so-called cold pressing. Ask your local stores if they have such a vinegar.
Vinegar is good with carved or picked flowers - add two teaspoons of vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar in water in which the flowers. To stem in the water should be about ten inches in length.
Away the ants. Where are these intruders most persistent sprinkle a little vinegar or put a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar.
Vinegar is a herbicide used as if her temperature is 70 degrees Celsius. Heat it and kill the weeds in the garden, but make sure the plants you have in the garden.
Rub a little vinegar before and after cutting the arc in your hands not to run his scent.
If you want the cats to avoid certain areas, just spray the area with vinegar. Also you can get soap and lemon peel.
Clean the dog ears with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
Clean rust from garden tools and taps.
Apply vinegar to the place where you mosquito bites (or other insect).
After working in the garden, put some vinegar on your hands to prevent them from drying out and peeling skin.
Vinegar can remove stains from fruit with your hands.
The two cups of water put a teaspoon of vinegar. Then put in the water or Usahlo introduced vegetables to cool off a bit.
Vinegar is the perfect air freshener. Pour vinegar into a bowl and place in areas where most odors.
Can be treated with vinegar and sunburn.
It is ideal for bee sting.

Healthy dishes

One sip from plastic cups - and you know that drinking more than tea. Although glass looks stable, it is not.

Have you ever noticed that the dried fruit, which remained long in a plastic container, plastic take on the taste? This is because the ions and ions of plastic food begin to react with each other.

Avoid adding toxins to your food. These are guidelines to choose - and use - a healthy dishes. Quality cookware helps you stay in good health and improves the taste of food.

Not without a connection that only glass and ceramic tubes used in chemical laboratories, where the material specimen should not affect the results of the experiment. Glass and ceramics are inert and non-reactive.

Next time, when buying cookware for your kitchen, consider the reactivity of the dishes and utensils, and when possible, choose inert or non-reactive cookware. In the second place the dishes and utensils from moderately reactive materials. If possible, avoid dishes made of highly reactive materials.

Reactivity of food

Reactivity is the tendency of a chemical compound that reacts with other substances or with himself, releasing energy. Food and utensils can react with each other.

Temperature affects the reactivity. When the food is hot, reacts much faster than when cold. In this way, cooling of food slows the exchange of ions. In addition, some foods are more reactive than others.

Fatty, acidic and water react much faster with the dishes. For example, ordinary rice is not as reactive, but rice cooked with oil, tomatoes and vinegar can more quickly take on the ions.

Because of this high quality oil and vinegar are only sold in glass bottles, which are non-reactive. You do not have to completely get rid of plastic. But you will surely find ways to reduce the use of reactive cookware in your kitchen. We hope you find this information useful in choosing a quality and healthy dishes for your family.

Reactive cookware - not recommended

Non-stick cookware contains plastic polymers (silicon is the only exception). Teflon pans by heating at temperatures from 260 to 350 ° C polymers give off fumes that are deadly to domestic birds, canaries and parrots, and certainly not good for people. Although not usually leave an empty pot on the fire, it can easily happen - that happened to me a week ago! If this happens with Teflon pots, temperature limit will be exceeded. Non-stick cookware appeared in 1944. Prior to that, to avoid adhesion of the food cooks put more water and more fat and cooked at lower temperatures. It can be applied today. In addition, the burnt food can be easily washed. We recommend that you avoid pots and kitchen utensils from Teflon.

First Aluminium
Dishes made of aluminum released into the food aluminum, which is dangerous for health. Cast aluminum is more stable than a thin aluminum cookware. Avoid aluminum foil. Instead you bake potatoes in aluminum foil, bake it directly on the grill or in a fireproof pot with a lid. A new type of aluminum - anodized aluminum (alugus) is a non-reactive and quite durable. However, if you scratch, aluminum becomes reactive. Because I do not recommend an anodized aluminum cookware.

Second Copper

The advantage of copper cookware is that, good heat conductor. This allows an even distribution of heat in cooking. Copper cookware heats quickly and cools quickly, which enables perfect control during food preparation. The good thermal conductivity of the dish is very important for stewing.Copper cookware has two drawbacks - such as its price and high reactivity. Copper, aluminum and cast iron are reactive - that is to quickly react with foods, especially acidic foods, releasing metal ions into the food. Such items may spoil the flavor and color of your food, not to speak about it already, you can enter your body in an undesirable amount of metal.

Third Plastic
Reactivity of plastics depends on its structure - as soon as it is softer and more flexible plastic, that is its greater reactivity. In this way, a plastic bag with a lot sooner than solid food plastic containers. Do not put food in plastic containers, which were previously contained chemicals. Also, it is not advisable to use plastic in the microwave. Polyvinyl chloride, contained in plastic, DEAH releases a toxin that affects the operation of destructive hormones. Also, the plastic contains phthalates, which accumulate in tissues and damage the liver and lungs work. In animal tests, phthalates are damaging the work of the reproductive organs. The excretion of phthalates from plastics into food increases under the influence of mechanical (bending, pressure, chewing), under the influence of solvents (fat, oil, and saliva) and high temperature (above 30C).

Moderately reactive cookware - a good choice

First Stainless Steel (Inox)
Stainless steel is the least reactive metal. For many people, cookware stainless steel is a versatile and healthy choices. From the numerous offers dishes from the stainless steel pots are best with a thick-bottomed cookware or surgical steel. Recently appeared many kinds of stainless steel cookware, including pots, pans and pans. Immediately after cooking to remove the food from the pot to prevent that it takes the taste of metal. If the container is made of steel got a scratch (after scrubbing with a wire for the dish), release of metal ions is all appreciable.
It is best not to do shredding of steel kitchen utensils. If the food is burnt, sprinkle it with baking soda or a strong detergent and leave the pot for several hours. Baking soda will "separate" zagorjelu food from the surface of the pot.

Second Carbon steel

Carbon steel is quite inexpensive and is an ideal material for a wok for frying pan, because it conducts heat well. Do not zahrđa dishes, make sure you dry it well and keep in a dry place.

Third Gus (cast iron)

Cast iron cookware is good for making cakes and breads and stewing vegetables. Do not prepare the soup, or any current or acidic foods in cast iron cookware, such foods as it reacts with iron ions.

Inert and non-reactive cookware - a great choice

First Enameled ware
Enamel is actually glass, technological process "glued" to the metal. There are several brands of quality enameled cookware such as Le Creuset, Chantal, etc.. The only drawback is that the quality enameled ware quite expensive. But if you keep good, quality enameled cookware will last for years, while a cheap enameled ware, which has a very thin layer of enamel soon burst - and therefore simply not worth your money. When the enamel cracked, be sure to find a way into your food, a metal layer beneath the enamel will react with food. Therefore, if you are able, buy a more expensive and higher quality enameled ware.

Second Titan
Titanium cookware is non-reactive and not too difficult, but poor heat conductor. Therefore, usually pottery, which is sold under the label "titan", is made entirely of titanium, but the aluminum cookware, which is covered by a ceramic-titanium non-stick coating. Such dishes are expensive, but long-lived and healthy.

Third Glass
Glassware, such as a flame retardant oven walls, is inert and has an affordable price.
We recommend that the storage of foods and dishes use a glass bowl.

4th Bamboo
Spoons and chopsticks made of bamboo or any other wood are non-reactive, healthy and have a good price.

5th Clay and pottery
Clay and pottery is inert. In addition, it emits far-infrared heat, heat the best and healthiest food preparation, which also gives dishes a whole range of fine taste. Such vessels are normally used for baking or long ukuhavanje food. Clay and pottery is very beautiful, but fragile, and therefore should be carefully handled to him.

6th Paper
Paper can sometimes be useful. Aluminum forms or Teflon baking pan you can cover with baking paper and thus to neutralize the reactivity. Paper can also be used for storage of foods and food instead of plastic bags.

7th Silicone
Dishes made of silicone is inert and approved by the FDA, and can be used to the temperature 220 C. If the temperature is exceeded, the silicone begins to melt, but does not release toxic vapor. Silicone is the only non-reactive non-stick material. Silicone is a synthetic rubber, from which it is now producing the baking pans, muffin form, the blades of cooking, developers, and so on. Silicone cookware is heat resistant (up to 220C), flexible, easy to clean and can go directly from oven to refrigerator or freezer.

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Practical tips for cleaning

Stains from the alcoholic beverage

Stains and alcohol will remove the machine to first soak the stained clothes in cold water, stains and nasapunate istrljate well. Patches of red wine drizzle with a little brandy and leave to dry and clean.

Washing windows

In the bowl with warm water and put a little vinegar plain cloth for washing dishes wash the windows. Dry them with paper towel. The windows will shine on them and will collect less dust.

Cleaning the machine

Periodically clean the coffee maker so that in him, instead of coffee, put some baking soda.

Cleaning the TV

On the TV screen collects dust and ljepi you regularly need to remove it. As a cleanser, use lemon juice or a screen wipe with a cloth moistened with a liquid for washing windows without water. After such washing your screen will attract less dust. It is important to use a soft cloth or skin Jelenje to avoid damage to the glass screen

Washing ceramic tiles

Never wash the tiles while they are still covered with steam after your bath because the traces of them remain. Wash them only when the dry well.

Moldy plastic curtains

If mold is swept along the edges of the plastic curtains bath, pour it hot milk and leave until the milk has cooled. Then rub pljesnjive parts and rinse with clear water.

Cleaning resin

To remove the resin and the resin material can be used for the following funds: ether, petrol, Turpentine ... These assets are removed and fresh and old stains from resin. If you clean the fabric stained resin can also use alcohol, acetone or menthol. It is important to place a good soak soiled cleaning agents that you selected (if the stains on the garment, place the paper underneath it, which absorbs the stain that would not spread), then rub with a brush.

How to restore luster and whiteness of the white

Cups of coffee or tea are turning yellow from constant use, you will shine if cleaned with a toothbrush in which you put a little baking soda, and after rubbing rinse with lukewarm water.

Yellowed tablecloths or linens for the bed you can return to the "initial" state if the washing machine after boiling in water for the last rinse add a cup (1.5 dl) of vinegar or citric acid.

Plush toys that are "turned gray" from all of the game some wash with neutral liquid soap in which you add a few drops of bleach and rinse with lukewarm water.

Maintenance of parquet and laminate

To parquet or laminate remained beautiful, brilliant, and preserved it is necessary to follow a few rules: do not clean the floor with water! ? Water may be kept on the court and permanently damage the paint and wood. If you must remove any stains or leftovers or something similar, use a soft damp cloth.

To prevent scratching of wood, the furniture pieces that touch the floor place the protective surface of felt, cork or rubber. If you move the furniture, try to pick it up in the air and carry, and not to pull or push on the floor.
Another tip to prevent scratching and the prohibition of walking on the floor in shoes with thin heels and soles, or metal.

If the laminate flooring or near the water set it on any surface protection.

Maintain a regular floor cleaning flooring that give them a freshness and radiance.

The perfect machine washed

How many times have you thrown in a clothes washing machine in the hope that it will become perfectly clear, that would be unpleasant surprise with spots that could not be washed?

Follow these tips and laundry services will become a routine speed before you arrive and say "washing machine".

First Prepare clothes for washing.
Remove the straps of the bra to prevent that is hooked to the other clothes. Empty your pockets, close the shutters and delicate garments and place them in a mesh laundry bag to avoid damage.

Second Read labels on clothing.
Labels on most clothing suggest you to follow a certain thing and that is dried to obtain the best results. Read and obey it.

Third Use the washing machine properly.
It is tempting to put everything together at 40 degrees, but it would completely washed clothes should use programs designed for specific cleaning materials and colors.

4th Treat stains.
If your clothing is stained with wine, grease, or similar, do not forget to put before the wash stain remover, because they could remain in spite of washing.

5th Place enough detergent.
Too little detergent will not clean up until the end of the machine, and yet too much can leave a residue on the clothes. What is sufficient depends on how hard water with which you wash, how dirty the clothes, whether you use powder or liquid detergent on the size of your machine.If in doubt, follow the instructions on the package or visit the website of detergent you use for advice.

6th Do not cut the labels on your clothes.
Machine washing of clothes to be washed by hand or in a dry cleaner can end up with tears and torn clothing.

7th Regularly clean your dishwasher. Every few months into the hole for the detergent cup of white vinegar and run the empty dishwasher at 95 degrees in order to clean the stones.

Unusual killer dirt

The household cleaning supplies can help in the kitchen 

White bread
Piece of white bread will gently remove dirt and dust from your artwork painted in oil on canvas and also protect them from damage caused by any use of cloth for dusting.

Dark spots from a dish made of copper and brass will be gone in a flash with a bit of ketchup, which is enough to put a drop cloth or sponge and rub it stains on dishes. The natural color will return in a few minutes and dishes will look like new.

Heavier dirt remover on the arms, such as motor oil stains, rust or paint, you will be gone istrljate hands dense mixture of water and oatmeal.

Vase or narrow bottle is difficult to clean without special tools for cleaning. But with a little warm water and a teaspoon of raw rice you will return to their former glory. Fill three-quarters of the bottle or vase with warm water and pour a teaspoon of rice. Shake a few times and rinse with clean water.

Black tea
Rust on garden tools will easily allow you to remove it a few hours in the cold crucible skuhanog black tea. Suffice it only dried out of the pots of tea and rust will become history. No gloves protect your hands as black tea on the skin can leave dark stains.

We know how to wax candles can spoil the evening cometh on the fabric or furniture. But with a little glycerin which you soak a cotton ball and clean the wax, you'll quickly forget about the incident. A Glycerine is available in every pharmacy.

Carbonated beverages may not be healthy for the body, but the scale in the kitchen are a great solution. Pour a small amount of any colorless soda on a sponge and clean it for a class of tartar stains on all surfaces.

Grease stains on the carpet need not be a nightmare. They can be easily removed if they sprinkle corn starch and let it absorb grease twenty minutes. Just suck the starch from the carpet, as it will go away, and fat.

Pure alcohol can be purchased in pharmacies solution for staining of markers and the like stationery, whose traces are hard to erase. A few drops of alcohol and a piece of cotton wadding is sufficient to remove stains from any surface.

Get rid of household clutter!

Once you learn how and why you keep unnecessary items in your household, it's time to grab the deal and arrange the mess. And to keep him permanently under control.

Things in their place
Most of disorder arises because of things that we used does not return to their place. Easier and faster is to throw a T-shirt and bag somewhere in the side of the chair, but after a while chaos is inevitable. And then you need much more time to the apartment / house brought in line. Therefore, the golden rule applies: things back immediately after use in their place. And to ask their family members.

One new thing, the other in the trash
To avoid creating unnecessary clutter in your household, hold down the rule that whenever you buy a new thing, the old goes into the trash. Bought a new cup? Why do you still keep the old ones? You bought a new coat, and you know that this old will no longer wear? You do not have objects thrown in the trash immediately. Ask friends and relatives if they need something from it, and if not, things can always donate to Caritas.

You do not always have all the things you need. Some you can borrow, and the other exchange.Books, DVDs and games lend to libraries, children's items and swap with a neighbor or friend who also has children. If you organize a party or event, you are missing a certain predmetet, you do not have to buy them immediately. Ask your friends and family who owns it and ask them to bowl.

Ready to new year
Old Japanese custom dictates that a new year begins unencumbered. Before New Year's Eve, the Japanese work "oosuji" or clean up your office and home in order to create places and opportunities in the new year. Create and place you in your environment for new knowledge, experiences and memories.

Without thinking
Often happens that when cleaning the minds of all things whether it should be discarded or not.Cut down to the root. Do not think. The rule is this: if something is not using for several months or years, which still keep the item? All you really do not need, and not a very important memory (emphasis on very important) toss in the trash.

Set a time for cleaning
So you do not quickly ran out of energy and breath, determine how much time you devote to certain parts of their households. Screw the alarm and when you hear the bell, switch to another part of the apartment / house. When we know that we have left half an hour to clean the closet, we will not waste time on the side, but will focus on the job.

In addition to yourself Keep your garbage bags. In them automatically, without thinking, go broken, obsolete and old things that have no application. Always use dark and opaque garbage bags, as one of the inmates would not want something removed and saved.

Three cardboard boxes for a better order
During the clean-up households use three cardboard boxes. In one box only put things that should clean up, go to the other things that you do not need, but prevrijedne to toss those that want to donate or sell. If you have room in the apartment / house hold another box until you find the new owners. If you still can not give or sell the items concerned, it's time to throw in the trash.

We all have happy memories that we hold. To avoid creating unnecessary clutter, arrange them in a box and hold in places that are difficult to access. Because frankly, only a few times a year, browse and review the things that we are saved.

Four Steps to Order

First Sort
Determine the portion of the flat / house you'll clean up and sort all the items. Quickly make a decision: what you throw, you put away, what remains in the said place?
Similar things hold together and put away in the same place.

Second Throw
As much as we at first difficult to part with some items, bags full of garbage is often liberating act. As soon as you decide that something is going in the trash, put in a bag. If you hold somewhere on the side, creating unnecessary clutter, and arrive in menace concerned objects still preserved.

Third Organize
Consider how the space to better use. Arrange the items in the boxes according to their for interior decoration.

4th Put things in their place
When you cast objects, sort and organize them, it's time to decide for cleaning and put things in their place.