srijeda, 7. kolovoza 2013.

Baking soda and vinegar keep your clothing

If you add the laundry detergent box of baking soda, washing shall be like snow, and not only that ... Here are some "tricks" how to get your clothes as long as you remain a new and intensive colors.

Salt and Vinegar

Laundry that you wash at the temperature of 60 degrees will be much smoother if flushing the pot to pour fabric softener add a little salt or vinegar.

Water and Vinegar

Towels, bathrobes, terry ... remain soft longer if once every few months during the night soak in warm water to which you add vinegar.

Baking powder

If you add the laundry detergent box of baking soda, washing shall be like snow, and white socks will again be "old glory" if before washing in the machine put in a linen bag with the lemon rind.

Salt and lemon

Plush will shine if before washing Scrub with a soft brush soaked with salt, while silk ties look like new if some potato juice mixed with water for washing.


The vinegar will help the color of clothes last longer. Colorful clothes, especially the first time you are washing powder wash which will add a little vinegar, because it prevents the release of colors in all subsequent washings. 

How to make fun of saving?

Often at the end of the month you have enough money? Then we have similar problems.
Today we bring you some small tricks to an easy way to save money.

1 Take some money
Although you can not pay a great compliment, I always take a small portion of their income and pay it in a separate account. For example from each paycheck disconnect 20 million or more. It's amazing, but true, that figure will not miss you at all, and at the same time and you will save a decent amount.

2 Post your clothing
What are you dressing before it runs out before you have to replace it, to avoid this, try some of the following tricks: Wardrobe with a zipper, unzipped, washed, as the zipper would not have chopped the rest of the wardrobe, which is located in the washing machine. Things keep on the shelf, rather than on hangers because the skin and some other materials of hours in the harness can be stretched. Of things wash only after you have worn them at least twice, unless they are really dirty. You know the gun that you bought a few months ago, one that you wear once and for some reason did not stand properly?Well, and your friends have the same type of clothes you no longer wear. That's no reason to organize the exchange of clothes. Here's how the exchange works: Everyone take a bunch of clothes, they want to solve, and then trade among themselves. By the way can also be great fun.

3 Spend money for something big
Find ways to save in the long run. For example: If you are dangerously addicted to espresso, which so well made at a local café, you in the long run cheaper to buy yourself a good quality espresso machine and also enjoy your favorite coffee in the comfort of your home.

4 Shop Smart
Most stores do amazing discounts on their products before the end of the season, because the right of the store in a new collection. A pile of clothes that can be worn in the next season. For example, summer dress, it can be easily worn in winter with a matching coat and thick tights.

5  Remind yourself every day
It may seem ridiculous, but setting a reminder in your wallet will help you a lot. As soon as you keep your wallet in a small piece of paper says "continue to save for a car that dream" or whatever you intend to buy.

6 Save and outs
Maybe you can really afford going out once a week, so it draw itself as a goal and stick to it. If you do not want to go out of their exploits once a week, then their evening drink mix with soda water, you'll save, and you are not too drunk and do some things that you regret in the morning.