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How is destroying vermin?

In every household, even in the cleanest, can occur vermin. To prevent the need: maximum purity, knowledge of pests and means of destruction.

Fleas are readily hide in cracks in the floor. They are destroying the means of vermin or floors washed in soap solution.

Worms in the wood as larvae can completely destroy an entire timber in the house. Develop only in coniferous wood and attacking in the first place beams in the attic. Preventive measures in the fight against worms smearing wood tar. Destruction of chemical agents or gas can be made only expert.Earthworms are infested wood underneath when you notice a buildup of fine charcoal powder and the size of the holes in the heads of pins. Destroyed by injecting turpentine or kerosene into drilled holes not deem it, which is then closed with wax. Need a regular control of the Interior and the front page of furniture.

HOW SHOULD WE WILL moths. To save moths from wool and fur items, they should be fine brush, lightly whisk and store in a plastic bag. Fur coats are hung cloth bag and change clothes. Fur and wool items that are stored in the closet, and every day is used, they are often viewed, as this is not the favorite residence of moths who love the darkness and the depths of the closet. In this case, as a precaution, it is recommended to spray storage sradstvima j ajašca that destroy the larvae of moths.All woolen items before saving Istrija or clean water, acetic, and wash the sweaters. You need all the seams and creases in the system that could keep the moths crawl and so prevent lay their jaj ASCA.Literary odj items stored over the summer in an airtight box, and before that the zapraše moth repellent. These objects can be stored in leak-proof cloth or a plastic bag. If used as a storage closet in the attic, it should close all the gaps.

Carpets and upholstered (filled) furniture should be inspected regularly, primarily wrinkles. If we will not be a long time in the apartment, rugs and wallpapered furniture sprinkled before leaving with an anti-moth balls or put ammonia. Clean, light and air as a preventive tool in the fight against moths.

Moth repellent: except naphthalene, lavender and others have already tried and tested means moth, great serve and dried orange peel (without the white inner layer), if you are wrapped in gauze placed in a closet or in the interstices tapetiranog furniture.

Insects in rugs and furs. With them, the procedure is the same as a moth.

Bacon unpleasant insects in the closet for guests in food, except that eat wool, fur and so on. A household is a lot of old entries in pieces of bacon or cheese. The most efficient way to destroy sanitation in closet and food pantry.

Ants in the house: to follow the path the ants go to the site and draw a line with chalk. Ants will not go through. Otherwise it is best to buy at a special store adequate means for destroying ants.

Ants in wood floors: they need water or sulfuric nest tetraklornim carbon, and then close the tire of glass.

Of flour moth to appear in the old flour, and is visible by threads that are similar to spider webs. It is therefore not advisable to keep the house large quantities of flour and semolina.

Mice can destroy a well experienced agent, which is set a mousetrap with a piece of bacon, cheese and cakes. There are also fast-acting poison for mice and rats. How it hurts, rodents would not penetrate into the house. Basement windows should always be secured with thick wire mesh. Holes, cracks in the walls and the floor should be thoroughly fulfilled pilovinom or cement, broken glass and pieces of cloth soaked in turps. In the fight against these rodents cat has a significant role. Unlike mice, rats are often carriers of infectious diseases and besides attacking people and thus cause a very nasty and dangerous wounds. To protect yourself from possible infection should mousetrap after each captured rats boil in boiling water, with the prior iskuvanja not touch hands.

MUSIC and destroy the Flies means is sprayed or dropped. Flies are gearing typhoid, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. In order to protect them from the windows put a thin wire mesh or her cover up to protect the food. Effective means and deter flies are "Fleet", "Pitroid" etc.. that can be sprinkled or sprayed.

Cellar centipedes live in damp basements or rooms. Its length is about l l cm. Destroys groceries.Odstranjujerno the premises of sulfur or by any means against vermin.

Cockroaches bugs are reddish-black in color, 2-3 cm long. Usually occur at night in the kitchen, pantry and wet conditions. They hide under the slats on the floor, under furniture, in wood for heating, piping, old stoves, etc.. They feed on the remains of food, cloth and leather. Since cockroaches are protect pouring or spraying an gamacida and also blocking a crack from which they appear. The fight against them is known national asset: the piece of paper, then top the porridge of flour and sugar.

Head lice live on human blood. Any man can get lice, but must be removed immediately, since these pests multiply very quickly. Cleanliness is the most effective measure in the defense against these pests. Children often bring in their hair. lice from school, and in order to protect them recommended cut short hair smeared or sprinkled some gamacidom. Powder should be rubbed into the hair. Hair is the time to not be washed, but the same process is repeated scrubbing and dusting every two days.With the ill-tempered eggs (nits) should regularly remove comb.

Lice on clothes and underwear are best destroyed sprinkling gamacidom. This machine should be changed often and boil.

To preserve the luster stainless steel?

Do you want to wash after using the case of stainless steel, wash it in water and detergent to wash dishes and wipe with a soft cloth (to remove stains from water). To cutlery stainless steel remained shiny, use its buying cleansers stainless steel.

Sinks, surface drying or cooking vessel stainless steel wash with mild, nonabrasive, preferably cream or liquid. To make the surface of the stainless steel were great, use detergent or a paste of glass baking soda. Avoid abrasive cleaners as much as possible, but if the burnt food in pots is difficult to remove, use a non-abrasive cream cleaners or scouring powder containing detergent.

Tips for cleaning silver

Silver accessories that we use on a daily basis will generally darken. Those who silverware removed only on holidays will have it anyway cleaned before use. Are appropriate for that particular cleaning cloths impregnated with silver, as well as a variety of means. It is important to clean the silver as it says in the instructions attached to each of these funds. Silver will be cleaned in a simple, homemade items so if we put in a pot covered with foil, and sprinkle over them a handful of salt and a bowl filled with hot vodom.Već after a short time the silver will once again become a great and clean.

Silver cutlery immediately after use to wash and dry with a soft cloth. For silver is especially important to carefully store. For it is very appropriate special drawer for accessories (in the kitchen or bedroom wardrobes). Such a special tray to plaster adhesive velor and it made for some sections of the accessories (for spoons, forks, knives, etc.). So well-placed accessories is covered with impregnated desert (felt), to prevent that silver tarnishes. If you do not have opportunities to these drawers, there is another solution - that the role of accessories, which are very practical because it saves space. They are made of materials that is specially impregnated and each fixture has its own compartment. Role of accessory you can buy ready-made, but you can easily sew yourself.

How to keep your carpets?

In recent years, more and more housewives carpeted prices, which not only make any room warm and comfortable, but it is also easy to care for. But carpets are still always been highly regarded. Rugs and carpets it is very simple: For everyday care enough to remove all visible trash free broom, sweeper or vacuum cleaner. Every week should be cleaned thoroughly vacuum the rug or carpet, which means to remove any dust that has crept deeper.

Do not kid you are: no matter how clean look, your rug and carpet is covered with just as much dust has accumulated in the course of one week on the furniture. It is therefore important that you regularly and evenly vacuum switch - on the corners and edges. Old dust settles on floors, so the saga with colors and carpeting could soon lose their luster, especially bright colors will soon appear gray.For thorough care required vacuum cleaner excellent suction power, even though it was not enough.Equally as important is the way you work.

The first rule of suction: calm slow movements. Devote sufficient time vacuuming floors, even if the limited time at our disposal. To thoroughly clean carpets, you can be once or twice a year a whisk. This will remove dust and dirt and deeply embedded in the fabric. Only a small contemporary rugs will lay the pole for housewives banging rugs and if it is not possible to do electrical isprašivačem, you kick them by hand (of course, only from the back).

The carpets will stay beautiful longer new and if you do the following: Put under the carpet backing that you can buy in the store or in the form of bundles Place a thick layer of newspaper. Occasionally turn the rug to be equally weighted in all places, because otherwise some very burdened place quickly destroyed or damaged. Today is outdated recipes from our grandmothers to foster rugs, it refers to the processing of sauerkraut and coffee grounds, and banging on the fresh snow, although the snow is excellent for cleaning carpet and just generally unavailable.

How to clean shoes?

Tidy housekeeper (and hosts) to clean your shoes at John damp sponge cloth. Dirt that had gathered at the edges in no time removing the old toothbrush or a special brush. Shoes that are just a little dusty from above, you can delete the moistened sponge cloth. Stronger dirty shoes brush brush, and suede shoes ("chamois") cleaning brush, rubber or wire.

For dry skin, apply shoe cleaner that best suits the type and color. Polishes will serve you better than a cloth brush. It is necessary to have a cleaning kit light and one dark for cleaning shoe, also, one white and one dark fat.

Clean shoes preferably outdoors, on the balcony or patio, porch and in the corridor, above the tub (which will then immediately clean!), Over the sink - but never in the kitchen. When cleaning the shoes, wear rubber gloves, you'll save with cleaning kit.

A few more tips regarding his shoes: Wet shoes good newspaper or fill out the slip mold and leave to dry in a cool and airy place. Of suede shoes ("chamois") Clean rubber brush and then spray on them for such a skin. Shoes of light will shoot you first apply them with olive oil. Ulaštite them well! They are particularly sensitive to water, so the raindrops must preferably be deleted. Best to wear them in dry weather. Shoemaker shoes are too tight to take you extend them, or put them in a little spirits and immediately put them on, it will be stretched. If your feet sweat, there is always a little squirt of spray for legs and shoes, and change shoes as often as possible and allow them to ventilate.

Footworn slippers can sometimes be very enjoyable, but it sure does look nice. Housewives especially common in this regard "sin", and is known to have shoes that no solid foot placement often cause accidents: poklizne man and falls. Often the leg and back pain due to bad shoes. Be careful especially when you do chores appropriate to wear shoes with good heels, and do not walk in the house from morning to evening in the same pair.

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Child safety at home

Never leave children alone with the following things ..
Bookmarks - because the walls are not the only places that will destroy your little rascal. Probably about how you never even thought about, but to remove traces of markers with teeth is not an easy or pleasant task.

Toilet paper - although nicely explain that he requires only two pieces of paper, he insists that every time you go to use the toilet at least half of the entire roll of toilet paper.

Belt - if you leave it alone with the belt, the chances that it will wrap around the neck are large enough to scare you to death. After all, it would not be the first such reported case, so very careful what (and where) you leave behind.

Shoes, stilettos - not only because of sky-high heels can hurt you, it is very likely that your favorite pair of shoes completely destroyed, not to mention poor children do not have any awareness of the bacteria and their dangers, so do not hesitate potrpati rukica in the mouth after being thoroughly isprepipali soles of your shoes that you guys off who knows where.

Mobile phone or tablet - probably own a smart phone, but your little miracle is certainly curious and clever, without being aware of it and can 'dotipkati' your way to download new applications that will be downloaded from an account peppermint figures, or call people with whom just do not want to hear.

Any valuable cosmetic product - unlike most drugs, cosmetic products do not come in packages that are resistant to the child's opening, which means that your toddler can easily, for example, open your eyeliner and go to an art adventure contouring your face or walls.

Exercise equipment - you've probably heard the story of a child who broke his leg because he dropped a heavy weight, so keep in mind where you leave the exercise equipment.

Toothpaste - on toothpaste packaging clearly states that they should be removed from the reach of children under six years of very obvious reasons. Moreover, in most commercial toothpaste, only one package, there is enough fluoride to the consequences for a young child to be fatal.

Glasses - this is primarily related to prescription glasses because you know yourself through that trouble you go to get new glasses and frames. Beware, your sunglasses, because Your little girl will be very likely to break in an attempt to put them on her favorite doll.

Remote control - there is nothing wrong to your child from time to time leave the front of the TV to the peace could make a phone call or do the dishes, but never really at your child do not leave the remote or it will switch to a program or inappropriate content unknowingly enter a combination to lock all TV functions, a process which you certainly do not know the reverse.

Almighty soda

Baking soda (NaHCO3) is a white powder, slightly soluble in water. Baking soda is obtained by introducing CO2 into an aqueous solution of sodium carbonate.

Baking soda can be used as a cheaper and healthier alternative to at least fifty industrial products we use every day. It is equally effective, cheaper and harmless.

- To remove stains from clothing (even from oil and grease)
- A combination of baking soda and lemon juice will perfectly clean your bathroom and kitchen (tiles and plumbing)
- Baking soda can put out small fires in the home and car - a place that burns sprinkle baking soda
- If vegetables and fruits washed with water in which you are a bit of baking soda dissolved, it would be washed away. Rinse with tap water
- If the bottom of the garbage can pour a little baking soda and then put the bag, it will absorb odors
- Whites will be better opkuhati if it before inserting it into the machine soak in baking soda
- Great for cleaning the refrigerator and freezer. If you hold the bowl in the refrigerator with baking soda, and stir occasionally, there will be no unpleasant odor. Soda changed every two months
- Soda removes odors great cats. At the bottom of the box put baking soda and pour over the cat litter to three times the amount
- Once a month pour baking soda into the washing machine and let it do the one cycle. It will be cleaned.
- Soak combs and brushes in a solution of warm water, baking soda and 1 tablespoon of shampoo. So let stand for half an hour, then rinse with warm water and pat dry
- Plastic tables and chairs, wash with a damp sponge and baking soda, and stains from plastic thick paste of baking soda and water
- If you have a long standing thermos flask until the next use, osvježićete it with baking soda and water
- Coffee machine clean up if you pour soda in 1 tablespoon of water and let it do the cycle with the team, and rinse well
- Greasy floors in the garage and workshop, sprinkle with baking soda, leave for an hour or two and rinse with water
- You can polish the silver damp cloth and baking soda.
- If you burn it food, scrub the pot with baking soda, and if not then drastically Pour baking soda and a little water (to be thick) and leave, then scrub the next day.
- Porcelain and glassware will receive a glow if you wash the soda and soda water
- Down the drain every week, fill with 4 tablespoons of baking soda, leave it and pour the hot water will melt the fat that has accumulated
- Potpoite shower curtain in the water and soda and will be clean
- To remove strong odors from your hands, wet your hands and rub them very baking soda.
- Baking soda is the best natural bleach teeth
- Remove the smell of shoes and sneakers by sprinkle them with baking soda inside
- Instead of bath salts, add a half cup of baking soda and your skin will be soft
- To heal yourself rash diapers, the water in which bathing baby a teaspoon of baking soda
- Burns and insect stings from jellyfish and nettle will effectively cure the paste quite a bit of water and baking soda. Applied directly to a place of pain.
- Intolerable itching of Measles ublažiće soda added to bath water
- Stomach acid will remove a little baking soda and water.
- Spittoons with artful baking soda is great for open sores and ulcers
- Insect stings will calm down a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar
- Bee sting would calm down a thick paste of baking b. and water
- When the child throws the couch, wash the stain with soda - and the smell will go away
- Wash windows solution of baking soda
- Add baking soda to the first water in which you cook the beans and it will be easier to digest
- Excellent for cleaning suitcase with travel - Rub the inside suitcases damp cloth soaked in baking soda, and when it dries, just vacuum the residue of soda with suitcases.
- Wipe the microwave oven inside a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and leave for a few minutes to disappear smell of vinegar, which will go with the smell of food from the microwave
- When cleaning poultry, add boiling water to the baking soda. Feathers will be easier to remove from the skin and the meat will be clean and white
- The old recipe to remove any moisture from the carpet, including pet urine is abundant sprinkling baking soda. When dry, thoroughly vacuum the soda

How to make life easier?

* Do you spider bites, the bites and put a lump of salt water.

* Salad will taste better if you bowl before preparing Scrub with half the garlic cloves.

* When cooking beans often need to add water. No. Never refuel the cold, just warm or even hot water.Otherwise beans will long remain tough.

* Wallpapers of paper, but also fototapete, easiest way to clean cloth soaked in denatured alcohol.

* A real cure for swollen feet are packs of rosemary boiled in half a liter of wine.

* If you are sweating hands, well they were a few times during the day, rub a mixture of the same amount of camphor and alcohol.

* Do not order flowers quickly wilted, add the water in the vase an aspirin or five grams of powdered ammonia. Every day smite handles centimeter or two and you will be surprised how much this will prolong the life of flowers.

* Never wash windows in them when you'''' beating sun, as it will stain the glass.

* Glasses trapped in one another
Such glasses easiest way to distinguish if the lower plunge into the warm water, and let the upper stream of cold water.

* Cracked plate
If you have a cracked porcelain plate service, try to save it boil 15 minutes on low heat in the milk (so that the milk cover plate). When the milk has dried on the plate will not see the damage.

* Old baskets
Old baskets and baskets can restore the spray paint according to the color of your kitchen furniture or blagovaonskog. Thus refreshed baskets can serve as a decoration, to store fruit, keys, cups, plastic bags and all that otherwise there is no right place.

* Watering the flowers when they are not at home
Jar of water or juice with water, close the cloth and turn it vertically and bury it in the ground tip in the jar. Flowers will have water and will only be watered while you are on vacation.

* Cleaning Machine beads
Washing machine should be cleaned periodically. To clean the drum in it and pour the hot water liter of white vinegar and switch the program to rinse. All detergent residue on the drum will thus be removed.

* Sharpening Knives
If a couple of times with a blunt knife severs the fresh potatoes, your knife will be noticeably sharper.You can sharpen a knife, and so it several times by dragging the bottom edge of porcelain cups and saucers.

* Opening jars
The easiest way to open a jar if you turn it so that the lid is facing down and immerse it in hot water.Short wait and trouble opening the jar.

* Caps on sanitation
Stopper the sink, tub or sink will not leak water if you smeared it with acetone and then immediately sprinkled baby powder. When the cap is completely dry will not leak water.

* Keeping jam mold
Jam or marmalade preserves the mold if you turn the jar lid. That will save the contents of the mold over a year.

* Remedy for Migraine
Migraine bothering you? Make the lining of lemon juice and place them on the forehead and temples.The pain will go away soon.

* Remedy for nausea in the car
Do you suffer from nausea in the car, before you eat a piece of chocolate.

* Remedy for Sore Throat
Sore throat? The milk and cook cabbage leaf, sweeten and drink it warm.

* Lowering the temperature
You can lower a fever if you eat beets mixed with scraped horseradish.

* Remedy for anxiety
Nervous, anxious, tense and just do not know what to do with it? Best will soothe teaspoon of honey in the tea of ​​chamomile.

* Help with rheumatism
If you suffer from rheumatism will help old advice. Preheat the oven in a canvas bag full of salt and a half hours it pan painful place.

* Swollen ankles
Ankles swollen you will not hold them for five minutes if wrapped in a towel before then soaked in water with vinegar.

* Potato starch destroying pests
Spray potato starch is non-toxic, but it destroys parasites and moderates such as plant lice often attack roses. Razmutite 30 grams of potato starch in 1.25 liters of hot water, slowly adding water to completely dissolve the starch. Pour into a spray bottle with it and add a teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing liquid. Shake and spray the room and plenty of garden plants to get rid of parasites.

Tips for everyday

* When you start sewing needle and thread špricnite little hairspray on the top end to make it a little easier and hardened "introduced" in the eye of the needle.

* If you are sending an invitation to a party at your house to people who have never been near you, add a photo of the house along with detailed instructions to make you easier to find.

* When you decide to disassemble an item or device in order to fix the problem, take photographs of each step of disassembly. Makes it easy to re-create and you will know exactly where they stood.

* Want to find out more easily honey with a teaspoon? Before using drips a little oil on it to make honey is received on the spoon but the entire drain to the desired location.

* Have you ever wondered how to remove without putting on plastic gloves? The formula for success is simple, keep the gloves under cold water for several minutes before removing them. They will harden and you will have no trouble downloading.

* If you have water stains on my new leather shoes and do not know how to get rid of those unsightly stains try to rub them clean with a cloth dipped in a solution before the water and vinegar. The ratio is a tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of water.

* Caught on the fly and you can not open it? Take a pencil and rub the zipper Downtown Zagreb, graphite will lubricate the clutch and fly'll fix it without any problems.

* This bit will sound strange, but the spread of glass in the bathroom with shaving cream and wipe with a soft cloth. This trick will reduce fogging of your mirror.

* Your favorite cup has small scratches which really want to solve? Dampen a cloth with toothpaste and rub it damaged parts, scratch disappears.

* You've prepared lunch for the family and your hands smell like garlic? The easiest way to get rid of this smell if you rub some of the metal surface on which no spots remain - such as kitchen faucets.Also, you can rub them with lemon juice.

* Enduring razor

Shaving can be a very expensive business. Modern razor blades quickly blunt, so they often have to change.

However, you can keep them for a long time in an easy way. And that is to use them after a dip in the mineral oil and rinse. This oil slows down the process of dulling razors and thus extend the life of razor blades.

* How to sleep on hot nights

On hot nights without air conditioning is very difficult to sleep. Here's what you can do to help him sleep ..

During the day, keep the blinds lowered to avoid direct sunlight and heat that enters a room.

Overnight, keep the windows wide open, especially in the bedroom (this is not recommended in the ground floor bedroom for safety).

Consider having a fan that will work overnight. Be sure to test the fan because some can be quite noisy, which can cause insomnia.

Sleep on your back so it will be more enjoyable. Also you can sleep in a star with his arms and legs and cover only some thin sheet or blanket.

* Fly Trap

You will need an empty plastic 2-liter bottles, scissors, a small piece of meat soaked in water, glue or tape, metal hanger and pliers.

Cut off the top of the bottle below the transition into the body of the bottle. Cut top in storage.

Put a piece of meat at the bottom of the bottle.

Turn upside down cropped top bottle and insert it into the bottle, so you get a lefty. Paste
bottle and cut out part of the glue or adhesive tape.

Flatten with pliers and a metal hanger drill holes on two sides of the bottle and pull the wire through the hole. Add glue or tape to be tighter. Hang

Choose a place where you hang the trap. Flies will enter, but will not be able to get out of the bottle.

Here's how to get rid of some of the noniritating beings.