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Natural mosquito repellent

If it sometimes seems that mosquitoes only attack you and that does not help, maybe you're right.
Mosquitoes are attracted to the skin of people who have a high concentration of cholesterol, steroids and the like, and those engaged in physical activities because they're attracted to body heat and movement.

Be careful in the garden or the house you do not have water standing for a long time. Change water in pet at least every other day and clean the garden of the cases in which rainwater could hold.

1 Neven acts as protection and as a drug

Plant a marigold in the garden and you can get excellent protection against mosquitoes. Neven emits odor that repels mosquitoes and other flying attack, and calendula cream helps to calm the skin at the site of insect bites.

2 Rosemary and sage to taste food and against the "buzzer"

If you spend a night in the company of friends and family, while enjoying the outdoor barbecue, coal discard rosemary or sage. Scents of these aromatic plants up until weaning pesky bloodsuckers, and garden imbued with a Mediterranean atmosphere.

3 Choose a fresher perfumes in summer

Floral and fruity fragrances during the warmer months are not the best choice, as it will attract mosquitoes and bees. Since they are attracted to the smell of flowers, if you walk around smelling like a flower, mosquitoes and bees to and mixed with one.

4 Mosquitoes can easily blow away

Mosquitoes are poor fliers, so like calm air. If you decide to cool fan, this could help in the fight against mosquitoes, as they will have to fight with the wind generated, and this will make it difficult flight and prevent attacking tactic.

5 Vinegar and pepper against ants

If you are attacked by the ants, find out where they come from. Then fill the spray bottle with vinegar and spray their roads. The place where the spring sprinkle generously with black pepper and so they disable further penetration into your apartment.

6 The nightmare of every household - bug švabe

The best prevention against cockroaches are clean kitchen and bathroom. If you notice carefully and thoroughly vacuum the entire apartment, and areas where you spotted them a strong wash with soap.A bag of the vacuum cleaner immediately discard.

7 Bread with beer - a specialty of cockroaches

In an empty pot of coffee soaked slices of bread, two in a sufficient quantity of beer bread starts to fall apart. Put it on the places where you see roaches and they will gather around the "offered" food.

8 Sage, garlic and cucumbers

Against cockroaches can fight and sage, cucumber and garlic. Easy to places where you last saw them leave a few leaves of sage, a few thinly sliced ​​cucumber slices or garlic.

9 Lemon saves dogs from fleas, but not cats

And careful pet owner will walk into the home with unwanted guests. Flea fight lemons - Slice unpeeled lemon and pour it boiling water. Leave overnight and then wash sunđerčićem dog. Lemon mixture Never use on cats.

10th Flies do not like mint

Flies, like most insects, avoid mint, so keep a few twigs in the kitchen. Mix 30 ml of peppermint oil with a liter of distilled water, and sprinkle with garden furniture and to get rid of mosquitoes.

11th Diatomaceous earth as a universal solution

Of most insects can not get rid of, and by the edges of the walls and window frames sprinkle diatomaceous earth, which can be bought at garden stores. In 48 hours, you will solve all the bores. 

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