utorak, 10. prosinca 2013.

How colors in your home affect you?

The psychology of color is nowadays a very modern art. Color strongly influences human emotions, behavior, decision making and mood. The right choice of color affects the human perception of space and can create the illusion of space and awaken some hidden desires and passions. 

The following story about the colors and the way the colors in your home affect your life. 

The yellow color is warm and welcoming, great for rooms that are coming to the bones. Yellow color metabolism and brings new energy. 

The brown color is strongly disagrees with small rooms. 

Red is my favorite color temperamental people who know what they want out of life. This color stimulates the appetite and stimulate the conversation, so it is a good choice for kitchens and dining rooms. If you have red walls too allowed for your standards then in white or beige kitchen insert the red boxes, but be careful how much you eat. If you are having problems with excess weight in the room where you eat, avoid red. 

Kitchen is the place of our memories and love when it smells like childhood memories. 

Space for relaxation, translated bathroom and bedroom should reflect the colors that bring a sense of calm. Good choices are light blue, green and purple. Green may be the best choice for the bedroom. It has to sleep like a baby. 

The blue color stimulates productivity, so it is a great choice for your living room. 

Living room to relax both in a slight shade of lavender. 

Children's rooms can be colorful, but the girls still prefer pink and boys are blue. Listen to your child's desires. 

For a warm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere paint your living room with warm shades of yellow, orange or light brown. Yellow is a good option for the hall. when leaving the apartment in a good mood. 

Rooms that are cold warm paint colors. warm rooms cool blue or green colors. 

Bright colors visually increase the space, it reduces dark. Light colors reflect more light, and create an additional feeling of freshness and space. 

Your apartment is your favorite place in the world and needs to look the way you want it. Do not be afraid of the wrong choices, play with colors. One wall colored with a dark color. Adjacent walls paint bright colors. Do not overdo it with the blue, as it creates a sense of claustrophobia. 

Do not be afraid of color. Black color can be amazing detail in each apartment. Black lamp or black bags are a good choice. 

Awaken your imagination! your bathroom does not have to be white or light blue. Have I finally make their choice. It's all a matter of your own taste and everyone from time to time before the change, even though many of us do not want to admit. 
Have a nice day in your new home!