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What is dangerous in your home?

You may have noticed that something is wrong with your health: often sneeze when you enter the basement, you remain in the hands of an unpleasant odor when you use a sponge, stains on the walls ...

What are all relatively hidden dangers in homes? Since mold and cockroaches, there's all kinds of things.

Kitchen sponges

If you regularly wash kitchen cloths and sponges can contain thousands of bacteria, more than there are in the toilet for example. You wash them regularly, or change them from time to time boil.

Vents and Systems

They need to be frequently cleaned and maintained regularly. They may be dust, bacteria and even mold. When buying a ventilation devices, well inform yourself about what are the best and are easiest to maintain.


The natural radioactive gas that can not be seen, no smell, no taste, and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in nonsmokers. It is relatively common in people who use water from their own sources and wells.
It is found in foods. It is found in households with a messy and wet basements. Radon breathe every day, but it automatically and transcend.


Most have basements. It can cause allergens, irritating particles, and often toxic. If you discover or suspect in the house on it, immediately clean the area and fix the problem with moisture or water that is the main cause of mold.

Aluminum cookware

Aluminium contained in the various pots and pans can leak into food to save, and when you enter it into the body, damaging the kidneys and liver, and weak bones. It also increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It is best to use glassware, porcelain, stainless steel ...


Bedding usually contains formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen. According to research, formaldehyde becomes a gas at room temperature, a new and unwashed linen to be released into a vapor that cause flu-like symptoms. It is best to buy organic linen, cotton.


Rats do not choose, do not discriminate, surviving in improbable places, and can easily make the invasion of anyone's living space. I can easily bite off electrical wiring and thus cause a fire, carry parasites and various diseases (tuberculosis, salmonella, E. coli ...).


They are impossible to skip. Transmit various types of micro-organisms and bacteria - salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus. They like warm, moist places. Daily eject trash, do not collect newspapers, cardboard and magazines. Containers with food for the pets do not leave open. Patch all the holes in the apartment, the walls, floor, roof.

How healthy is your bed?

Research shows that people care very little about how the hygienic area will spend the night. New research reveals that people in peru linens average only once every three weeks. Every sixth person uses the same bed sheets, even a whole month. Less than half the adjusted bed every morning.

Namiještanje bed is much more important for women and 56 percent will save them a bed in the morning compared with 38 percent of men. These shocking figures are the only explanation as much as 75 percent of people suffer from insomnia. Doctors say it is clean and fragrant bed one of the important factors for good sleep.

Although the average time for a change of bed linen is ten and a half minutes, one of 10 adults still expect their parents or partners to do the job.

Baking soda is your perfect friend

Yellow areas
Faded, yellowing of the surface in the kitchen atonement by a quarter cup of baking mix and a few cups of hot water. Apply and leave on for 15 minutes, then scrub. Kitchen surfaces will shine again. If you want enhanced effect in the mixture, add a little alcohol vinegar.

Old dishes
The old pan or pot and pour the hot water a few teaspoons of baking. Let cook 10 minutes on high heat.In the same way you can remove the remnants of grease and cooking odors from the oven.

If the dishwasher have stains, pour a cup of soda and turn on the washing program (or machine is empty). You can add baking soda and detergent you normally use for each wash dishes.

Soda absorbs odors excellent. Do not you every time you open the refrigerator stunned fragrant combination of ingredients, just put it in a dish with soda. You can do the same with or freezer space under the sink. Odors in the trash if it will prevent the bottom, below the plastic bags to spill a little soda.
This may be a permanent solution. Soda change every three months.

In a microwave you can boil water velocity and water, then wipe the inside with a paper towel or cloth.

To take your shoes or boots would not uncomfortable "felt" while they do not carry, pour into them a little soda. Let stand as long as possible. The shoes you wear, overnight, put an old sock that you have filled soda.

Soak the garment in water and soda before washing in the machine - brand cigarette odors will disappear. And if you pulled the clothes smell of gasoline or motor oil, put the clothes in a bag, sprinkle soda and let sit for a day or two before washing. Sodium also helps remove stains from pencils.

Freshness machine
Half a cup put into the drum machine before turning it on. It is good to sometimes add baking soda detergent when washing, as washing will get a new freshness.

If the inside of the fabric, the place where the stains, rubbing a paste of baking it will remove the stain.Make a paste of soda and very little water. Effective for removing blood stains, or fruit wines. If stains are harder, before brushing to keep toothpaste acts an hour.

Natural cleaning products

Natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda have less chance of skin irritation and respiratory allergies creation of retail, chemicals. In addition, safer for children and pets who could swallow.

Environmentally, their washing and release into the sewer will not contaminate the environment, and finance are far cheaper. Proper selection and use achieves the same effect as chemical agents.
What gives the wood glow, sparkle to the windows, reduces odor and keeps bacteria away from us?Believe it or not it is a product used for centuries in the household: the good, old vinegar!

According to some studies, white distilled vinegar has dozens of useful features in and around the home, from food to cleaning stubborn scaling.
Due to the high content of acid, white vinegar has an unlimited lifespan. Because of its acidity does not allow growth of bacteria so that is welcome in every kitchen and bathroom.

A few tips on how to use white vinegar:

First Clean and sanitize the cutting board and counter tops

Second parfume of kitchen odors (brush the surface with vinegar and leave 30 minutes before rinsing with water)

Third Sweat stains on the clothes before washing brush with vinegar

4th Places where ants appear wipe with vinegar

5th Use vinegar as a softener of clothing (add a cup of vinegar in the rinse phase)

6th Remove the stones from the shower. Cloth soaked in vinegar to coat the shower or better yet, soak it in vinegar. After a few hours then wash.

7th Wash the windows. In the water add a little vinegar and wash windows. They can be dried crumpled newspaper.

8th Wet old brush (soak it in hot vinegar, then wash with warm water)

9th Prevent the formation of tartar on the shower to occasionally overwrite plate glass with vinegar and then rinse it.

Baking soda
Baking soda is known for a long time as a means for removing odors. Sprinkle in dry carpet and upholstered furniture, leave at least 15 minutes, and then suck. You can even sprinkle soda and dog and rub it vigorously and brush. Your pet will no longer have an unpleasant smell!

Add the half cup of baking soda in the laundry, in the end you will get a cleaner and more beautiful clothes, especially if you have an unpleasant odor. Soda can remove most of the moldy smell caused by the damp area.

Damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda is ideal for easy cleaning shiny surfaces of stainless steel (sink, faucets, pots etc..)

How to organize the move?

How to pack your whole life?
Do not wait to pack until the last day. The more day closer to S, will be under greater stress and have fewer nerves and attention. Pack the box, two each day, room by room, by following his plan. Throw away or donate unnecessary and immediately think of the new site in a new home for her things to streamline unpacking.

Be organized and in packaging. Pack the row, room by room, and before the arm boxes, markers, wide adhesive tape and newspaper.
The box never enough. A few weeks before the moving start collecting boxes and at each visit to a local store. Get boxes of various sizes, which are clean, firm and give it to close. Get them at least twice as much as you think you need and store them so they do not take up much space (open lower and the upper opening, and Flatten). Keep in mind that the smaller boxes easier to manipulate, especially if you are on their way to face obstacles such as narrow staircases and the like, a box of alcoholic drinks are great for packing glasses, vases and other staklovinja because they are made of hard cardboard with sections. Do not pack things in garbage bags. It is easy to be confused with the real trash and discarded.

If you want to reduce the initial confusion in its new home, check the box. Thick marker on each box write the content (be specific, write rather than plates and pans kitchen furniture), which includes a room, whether the content is brittle and which side should be facing.
You can mark the boxes and labels in different colors to distinguish boxes with things such as the kitchen. clothing, cosmetics and so on. Before entering the box to a new home, the doors of the rooms put a sticker in the appropriate colors to your helpers know immediately where to place that box.
If you're an organizational freak (or permanently lose your marker, and the handwriting is illegible and you messy, as is my case), print the labels with the help of computers and for every room in the house (kitchen, pantry, living room, dining room, bedroom, children room, bathroom). The next step is to paste in the box. Ideally, stick a label on all 4 of the box in the upper left corner, it does not need to roll over and look where that box belongs. At the door of each room paste a label with the name of the room, so that carriers know where to put all those boxes. Transfer boxes to their correct destination and the time you get half the battle.
How to pack
Start with a pack on time (early) using a method that suits you best:

ABC Method
Everything you pack does not have to be unpacked immediately upon arrival at a new home. If the box contains the essential items, mark it with the letter A, which marked its top priority. If its content is important but not essential for the first hour of tick box letter B. If the box contains the off-season clothes and shoes, holiday supplies and other things that will not be used for some time, mark the letter C. Boxes and unpack the ABC sequence. Start with areas that do not use often (basement, garage, etc..) Or off-season stuff (off-season clothes and shoes, holiday supplies, ski equipment ...), and finally pack the most important and what you use every day.

Pack the order of things, room by room and keep them in separate boxes (do not confuse things with things out of the bathroom from the kitchen, etc..) That are marked with colored stamps. Specify the same color for every room in the old and the new home, for example. yellow for kitchen, orange for dining room and the like. On a box of kitchen stuff put a yellow sticker, a sticker the same color and put on the kitchen door in his new home. This will reduce confusion, helping carriers to bring the box to the right destination and save time for unpacking.

Basic things without which you can imagine every day pack at the very end. This will be your "survival box". The basic pack her things all the family members (clothes, shoes, cosmetics and medicines), which will contain everything needed for the first 2-3 days after you log into your new home full of neraspakiranih box. Useful stuff that should hopefully find places in the last box: a flashlight, a couple of towels, bed sheets, toilet paper, a small pad of paper and pencil, a few toys for children, and nepokvarljiva dry foods, paper or plastic plates and cutlery. Keep on hand and a flashlight and a box of basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, nails, hooks ...
Colour is red, oblijepite with Sponge Bob stickers, check the boxes to be allocated from the rest and put it in the van last so that the new location is removed first.
Do not stop here. If you have small children, boxes with TV, DVD player and cartoons Pack the van among the last things to entertain them as soon as you are extracting files. Do you need a cleaner and vacuum cleaner? The box with basic tools to set up shelves and hang pictures? What you desperately need the back pack and pack the last first.

Good luck!

Remove ants from your home

Ants enter homes looking for food, water and shelter. To fight against the ants that get into your home you will need to combine the methods that we advise.

Stop the ants while they are still out there. Close and shut up all the holes around the interior of your home, especially to check the location of the food.

Check and if necessary repair the water pipes. Do not leave food everywhere. Pospremajte food in a clean place in tightly sealed containers. Collect the garbage out of the interior of your home is also in closed boxes or cans.

Use bait to kill ants nest. To destroy an entire colony, the bait must be slow to act. Some of the effective chemicals in the Hydramethylnon baits, fipronil (pesticides) and boric acid. The baits will work only if there is no presence of other food sources.

After the ants trap isplavite them with hot soapy water. This will remove traces of chemicals.

The names in home chemistry

Once there was such a large selection of cleaning, so the hostess served the old, proven tricks and tools. Vinegar, alcohol or baking soda were good "hygienists", a well known and that the best newspaper to wipe windows.

In translation, the purity is sometimes smelled of vinegar, and today the gardens of paradise. The house is the smell of fresh air, but not the spice as to leave behind the modern cleaning products.
Police in the stores are covered with various cleaning everything, so it is sometimes very difficult to settle down and choose the right product. Not rare mistake when buying, mostly because of the small letters on labels. We have neither the time nor the patience to constantly vadim glasses, and large letters written mostly in English. Why not frequent mistakes when buying.
As these resources are not at all cheap, we recommend that you carefully read the manufacturers themselves as the true distribution.

First Purpose cleaners (Multi-Purpose or Multi-Surface Cleaners) - their purpose is not specifically indicated, are used for cleaning different rooms or areas in the household.
They are mostly marked as "multi" or "universal" and can have additional properties (such as bleach) - antibacterial or disinfectant.

Second Glass cleaner (Window or Glass Cleaners) - for cleaning windows and mirrors, but can also serve to clean the glass and chrome parts.

Third Cleaning bathroom (Bathroom Cleaners) - for all areas except the bathroom to clean and refresh the toilet bowl.

4th Abrasive Cleaners (Abrasive Cleaners) - abrasive elements and are intended for cleaning sinks, tubs, tiles and all ceramic and enamel surfaces in the home. If abrasives include echo, it is always clearly indicated.

5th Cleaning floors (Floor Cleaners) - for various types of flooring (wood, laminate, stone, tile, linoleum and the like.,) Concentrated or diluted, in liquid or wipes, as well as assets held for polishing floors.

6th Cleaning the drain pipe (Drain Cleaners) - intended for cleaning and drain otpušavanju.

7th Cleaning the kitchen (Kitchen Cleaners) - for kitchen surfaces, hoods, ovens, as well as products for the polishing of steel.

8th Descaler (Anti-Limescale and Limescale Removers or Descalers) - against limescale on taps, sink and bathtub, and can be removed and rust.

9 Resources for Carpet Cleaning (Carpet Cleaners) - against the dirt on the carpet, carpet and wallpaper, as well as means for removing stains from the carpet.

10th Cleaning Furniture (Furniture Care) - products intended solely for cleaning and maintaining wood and leather furniture - are not part of this review due to limitations in the list.

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Aluminum foil can be very useful!

Improve efficiency of the radiator

The simple way you can get away more heat from the radiator with the same energy. How? Find or cut cardboard or plywood the size of the radiator and change him or aluminum foil. Place it between the radiator and the wall, and heat will be deducted from the film back into the room.

Protect mattresses

As parents, we simply can not resist, and that sometimes the baby does not bring in your own bed. Very often happen knowing that the baby dry and that's the problem ... Ask a few films under the sheet and you will solve the problem.

"Cracked" mirror

Do you have old, but very glad to mirror that is full of cracks and shadows created by peeling the background color. Problem solve to set the background mirror aluminum foil shiny side (be careful not to squash), and all together back in the box and fasten.

Sharpen Scissors

Aluminum foil cut into several strips that break few times and then cut it with scissors. After some cutting, scissors should be sharp. Very easy, right?

Easily move furniture

To a large and heavy pieces of furniture easier to push with one place to another, and not to damage the flooring or laminate, under the feet of wardrobes, tables, dressers and the like. place the pieces of folded aluminum foil. Some mat of membrane facing down.

The battery loses contact

If the battery is a device loses contact as often after prolonged use, simply cut a piece of aluminum foil, Fold it several times and inserted between the battery and the contact to fix everything, and yet allow the current time.

Always clean the fireplace

Love is warm by the fireplace, but I hate cleaning the ashes? At the bottom of the fireplace set a couple of thick aluminum foil and then stack the wood. When the wood burned, just pick up the film and that's it.

How to remove odors from the refrigerator?

Rubber around the door can be stored right bacteria, dirt, and stench, so if you are out to clean the refrigerator, do not neglect this area. You would not believe how ugly smell right there retracted.

For cleaning, use a proven natural resources such as vinegar and warm water or warm water and baking soda. You can also use lemon and hot water. The most important thing is to regularly clean the refrigerator. If you are in the refrigerator and Ledinić, be sure to defrost and clean it all together.

 Odors in the refrigerator caused by food that is kept inside. when after a while mix different scents, very quickly into a stench. Milk and dairy products are one of those foods that most absorb odors.
After cleaning, dry with a good cooler, and the foods that throw back any that have begun to rot (vegetables and fruits). Foods that have kept wrapped, change the new film.

To remove odor from the refrigerator, you can set the container (1 dl) with vinegar and leave a day or two. The vinegar smell is guaranteed draws, but if you're clean fridge (eg rubber)., The scent will be back soon

Tips for easier ironing

Do you sometimes just ironed clothes still have creases and wrinkled his works? Here are some tips that will help ease the many, hard  job.

Place and manner of ironing
Iron for the bedroom so they can all be sorted and washed goods have concurred on the bed, and clean up immediately after ironing in closet (s).
Will prevent subsequent shrinkage.

It goes without saying that the iron on the ironing board, whose effectiveness can improve if you set the trim below the thick aluminum foil. This will heat the bottom of the action is!

If you do not continue ironing shirt sleeves, so you can cope Zarol towel and push it into the sleeve.

Most of the clothes iron the other side (upside down) as if the iron is too hot can damage or shadow fabric.

To remove wrinkles from a tie, insert a piece of cardboard and cover with gauze tie, then gently press the steam iron.

If the subject is too dry ironing Take an ordinary syringe for flowers, and spray lightly but only with distilled water (do not leave stains) and the piece of folded or roll and wait a few minutes.

Additional COUNCIL
How to clean water tank
Minerals (tartar) from the water to accumulate, accumulate and reduce the effectiveness of the action of steam irons. Simply remove it so that the tank pour a small amount of vinegar and water, turn the iron and allow to heat for several minutes.
Turn the iron face down and allow the liquid to evaporate through the holes. At the end of the area around the hole to further clean the chopsticks ears.
Hair must always be clean and smooth. If you experience any roughness or stickiness on the bottom side irons must clean it.
Take a soft cloth, soak it in baking soda and gently rub the surface. Knives or similar means for turning FORGET because you scratch the Teflon part.
To reduce the formation of tartar in the iron and close holes, use only distilled water. The holes can be effectively cleaned with hygienic sticks in his ears.

Clean the sink, drain and dishwasher

Your kitchen is easy to clean up the "green way" using natural cleaning products like baking soda and coarse sea salt, lemon juice, white vinegar, eucalyptus oil, and of course the cellulose sponge. The advantages of this method of cleansing are immense in nature, but also for you because when you do not need to clean a gas mask or gloves, you do not have to chase family members forced to stay outside the home, and these natural resources will be well cleaned and dirtiest kitchen. And not to mention the benefits for your wallet (eg, 3 liters of white vinegar can be bought for about 10 Kn)

Cleaning the sink

Empty the sink, rinse it with water and wipe. Scrub your sink paste of baking soda that you have applied to the cellulose sponge. Leave to stand for a while, then rinse and wipe clean with a damp cloth.In places where soda failed to clean up more water scale buildup, treat them with white vinegar, alcohol that you put on a cellulose sponge. Rinse with water and pat dry. If you want your sink really shines, in a soft, dry cloth, put a few drops of baby or olive oil and polish it. Alternatively: sink rub coarse sea salt (2 handfuls) mixed with the juice of one lemon. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning the drain

The drain put cup white vinegar and a cup of baking soda and leave for several minutes (drain cap the cap). Then drain pour with 1 liter of boiling water and rinse well with warm running water.

Clean the dishwasher

I need your dishwasher is cleaning periodically, preferably once a month. Empty the dishwasher. A toothbrush dipped in alcohol white vinegar and scrub around the joints at the door. For heavier dirt and try to paste of baking soda. In the bottom of the empty dishwasher pour a cup of white vinegar, close the machine and run the washer at the highest temperature. If you want fragrant washing in detergent compartment pour a bit of citric acid and run the empty washing machine.

The recipe for a paste of baking soda: Mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda with 5 tablespoons lukewarm water

Prescription for everyday cleaning kitchen: spray in the bottle, mix 300 ml of white vinegar with 200 ml of water and add about 40 drops of eucalyptus oil to be suppressed by the strong smell of vinegar and disinfect kitchen surfaces.

A natural cleaning products:
White alcohol vinegar

It is inexpensive (3l you can buy for about 10 Kn), and diluted it can be used to clean most surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Important: Before use check the hidden areas, do not use undiluted as a very strong (can you imagine that some people are still used in the preparation of fresh salads?) And not to vacuum joints in the tiles, marble and other porous stone surfaces. Many considered his sharp smell, but it is good that it is not harmful and disappears as soon as the vinegar dries, and the solution can always add a little oil of eucalyptus that will neutralize the smell of vinegar.

Baking soda

Excellent abrasive cleaning of most surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, and use it in coolers for resolving stale smell.
Lemon juice

Lemon juice is great for cleaning stains and severe fatty dirt on kitchen surfaces, dishes, etc.., Leaving behind a fresh citrus scent. Scrubbing pots and pans, sprinkle with half a lemon sea salt, and rinse well clean surface.

How to do laundry?

Most people wash clothes in the washing machine so utrpa everything is dirty and wash some universal program. No, you take some time to sort clothes and take things from the white or dark colored, select the appropriate detergent and wash temperature right you will get much better results.

Before you fill the dishwasher
Laundry divide and arrange the several cups. In a cup put only white stuff, the other colored durable colors, and the third colored fleeting colors and those designed for hand washing. You can simplify the whole thing and just the clothes Divide the white and dark matter.

Choosing the correct washing program
If you are unsure or do not understand who and how to choose the correct wash program, please call an authorized service for maintenance of the machine. Otherwise, not only as a result of washing will not be satisfactory, but there is a possibility to cause damage to the machine, especially if it is a modern device with sensitive technology. They must give you the necessary explanations, and you write to them again the next time you should not have called for the same problem.

Check before washing
Before putting the clothes in the washing machine, inspect and empty all pockets and remove belts, pins, brooches, and what you can undo, unfasten, or otherwise relieve and cause eventual failure.
If you wash clothing that has zippers, be sure to Do the clothes so as to preserve the shape.
If rašivena or torn clothing is mandatory pokrpajte before washing because it will wash the shame worse.

Do not overload the washing machine
Never utrpavajte too suddenly into the drum machine because it can break, and washing results will not be exactly as you expect. For smaller amounts of laundry, always use half load or program ekoprogram.
Small or particularly sensitive things put in pillow cases and only then in the dishwasher.

The choice of
Remember to always choose the program and the wash temperature to suit the most sensitive clothing items that you put in the dishwasher. Here are some examples for the reminder: 30-40 ° C for lightly soiled laundry, and up to 95 ° C for heavily soiled. If you wash synthetic materials should not be allowed to follow at a temperature of 50 ° C, and wool to a maximum of 40 ° C and a centrifuge with a minimum speed.

The choice of detergent
Biological detergents contain enzymes that penetrate deep into the dirt and are therefore ideal for whites and remove stubborn stains, but avoid them if you have sensitive skin, because the enzymes in some people can cause allergic reactions. Non-biological detergents are suitable for underwear that is not very dirty, and for colored clothes, which are thought to operate and less irritating to the skin.
Ecological detergents do not contain chemical substances that are harmful or even clothes to your skin or in nature. The quality of these detergents is now improved, and with them can achieve excellent washing results.

How much detergent to put
Do not go overboard with the amount of detergent as this will achieve greater clarity machine but run the risk that the clothes appear white spots because they are not well washed. Follow the directions on the package.
Powder for hand washing do not use the laundry in the washing machine because it creates too much foam and can damage the device.

How to remove stains from clothing?

Here are some practical tips to remove various stains from clothing. Some will be easily removed, but some will need more work ...

Stains from tea and coffee

Soak the garment in a solution of baking soda and water and then wash with biological detergent at the highest temperature.

Red wine stains

Scrub the stain with white wine or water and then wash the entire garment.

Patches of black currant juice

Rinse under cold water, then soak in a solution of baking soda and water and finally wash with biological detergent at the highest temperature.

Stains from ketchup

Soak in a solution of water and baking soda, then wash with biological detergent.

Stains of lipstick

Soak soiled part of the solution of water and detergent, then apply a universal stain remover and wash in the end.

Oily stains

Use special tool to remove fatty stains, then wash with biological detergent at the highest temperature.


Rinse first with cold water, then wash with biological detergent in hot water.

How cool the house without air conditioning?

Get ready for hot, hot summer. Make sure your home is not the sauna that will run for one's life because you do not like air conditioning or that they simply can not afford. There are ways to maintain a pleasant shade of the house without a large expenditure.
Air-conditioning is too expensive for many. Learn how to refresh yourself and your home, without having to destroy a family budget.

The fan is a good solution
Excellent replacement for the climate are fans. These devices can reduce the temperature in your house for 6, 7 degrees, and are now available in a wide range of colors, sizes and types.
Their price is not high, and not even spend a lot of electricity, air-conditioners.

You can freeze one or two bottles of water and set them in front of the fan - you will receive a makeshift air-conditioning. It will not cool the air as well, but it will certainly bring a slight cooling.

Choose dark curtains and blinds
Install the dark blinds on the windows before you leave home or apartment, hang them and close the windows.
When you return after a hard day, you'll experience a pleasant and refreshing surprise. The best way to maintain freshness in the home is primarily prevent heat entering the space.
If you install blinds too expensive, you can always opt for dark curtains in various colors. Choose one of linen or cotton. Silk is excellent in bright colors, but its price may exceed the installation of blinds.

Limit the conscious space heating
Try to use fewer electric appliances and flash lights if you are not required. The work unit produces heat.
Try to store or cook smaller meals that do not require long cooking. Fresh vegetables are an excellent choice - the easy, healthy and quick to prepare.

What do all we can with the newspaper?

Besides being used to convey the latest information and reading the same old newspaper can be very effectively used in many situations.

Washing windows (glass)
This is one of the most popular ways of using the newspaper. Windows (glass) that you washed with water and a sponge or cloth, easy to dry and polish with crumpled paper. The glass will then get a high gloss.

Assistance in relocations
During migration, all glassware (cups, plates, bowls, vases ...) you can wrap in newspaper and slipped into the box. This way you will prevent their damage, and the job done quickly and easily.

Drying shoes
In winter and rainy days when you return home with wet shoes, the easiest if you dried them a few crumpled sheets of newspaper and put it in your shoes. After a few hours to check how the paper might absorb moisture, so replace.

Stop moths
If you did not know, newspaper refuses moths. So after the season wearing woolen wrap in newspaper articles, and parts of paste adhesive tape.

Help with color walls
If you decide to color walls in flat and do not have one handy nylon thin protective foil, newsprint ideally can be used. Arrange overlapping leaves it to each other on the floor, and then everything just crumple up and throw away.

Protection of the windshield
In winter when the temperature falls below zero fat, the automobile windshield wipers set up under a few sheets of newspaper. Except that the glass will not freeze, so it will not have to scratch, you will help prevent sticking and wiper blades.

Proper lighting save

So many times already written and Talked, but it is useful to repeat once again:

First Ordinary incandescent light bulbs replaced saving lamps
Replacing these lamps can have big savings, over 40%.

Second For outdoor lighting, install motion sensors
In the yard, garden or garage access would not be rasvjetljen all night, install motion sensors that light the fire if necessary.

Third For indoor lighting, install lighting controls
Often you space unnecessarily exposed. While, for example. You can watch TV with regulators to reduce the intensity of light, and thus economize.

4th Turn off unnecessary lighting
In all areas where most of the time do not stay (bathroom, toilet, hallway, basement, garage ...) turn out the light because there is no need to waste energy.

5th Clean lamps and shades
You may find this strange sound, but impure lamp shades and lighting fixtures known to absorb up to 50% of light.

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Decorate your living space

Many a desk covered with various papers and old newspapers, and closets full of clothes that a multi is not in fashion or just does not fit anyone. In a word, we are surrounded, even suppressed disorder.When all this confusion out of control, balance and creativity and inevitably come into question.

We remember only the great moments

Habit of collecting objects and memories inherited the belief that our identity is associated with objects that surround us. These so-called. positive cases, associated with great moments and events, make us happy and positive effect on the condition of the soul and body, because they stimulate positive energy, but the mere sight of them fills us with joy and pleasure. Conversely, items that remind us of some unfortunate events or dark periods of life are hateful to us without a doubt the best solution is to solve them as soon as possible.
By collecting things just a bunch of problems

Clutter accumulates due to various reasons, and all have their roots in psychology.
Filling homes with unnecessary furniture and plenty of decorative and other items is the result of fear of losing their own creativity
Convinced you that you may have a case could be used, although it has long should you? It is an obsession with collecting, which conceals a strong fear of the future and lack of faith in their own abilities.
Things are no longer used, even if it is stored and disposed of the same, hidden place, an obstacle to the subconscious: in this case, the new energy can not freely circulate in our lives.
Objects to be repaired and operations to create a complete mess and show a tendency to avoid problems.
Disorderly and messy living and working space after a while the bad will also affect our attitudes toward life as such and the people with whom we are in, and indifference to the chronic disorder is really just kind of defense mechanism.
Cleaning the closet is a positive change in life

At the end of a dark period in his life, often feel the need to clean closets, clearing your desk or the introduction of order in the pantry. Exemption from clutter practical method of establishing relationships with self and mental cleansing: the separation of unnecessary items and bring order into living space had a positive influence on the state of mind, allowing us to be thus rid of old habits and open space of the new energy and positive events. Dom is an extension of ourselves and the place where each of us is relaxing and resting. It is for this reason must be comfortable and functional, but also bright and airy. Fantasy and creativity are inevitable in everyday life and, therefore, that the brain can function properly and completely, we need him, silence, space, emptiness, and red. Turn around, look at your desk and go in detail the release of unnecessary ballast.
Clutter is a kind of alibi, justification for the delay and failure to solve the problem

Disorder in the home, the mess in my head

Chronic disorder in the house, basement, or leave the office and work desk can be the enemy of mental balance and well-being. Clutter causes increased fatigue, a sense of immobility and inability to solve problems related to the stored memories. Clutter reminds us of the past, perhaps even violent, and prevents for dealing with new situations and new habits of life. Physical and virtual space in our brains are too crowded with unnecessary memories and prevent the acceptance of innovations. Clutter is a kind of alibi, justification for the delay and failure to solve the problem without feeling guilty. One of the causes of family discord. In the longer term causes of depression and pessimism. Chronic physical disorder costing us, and mental energy, and we need more time to find a thing.