ponedjeljak, 11. studenoga 2013.

A small apartment can be amazing if you have a little imagination

How many times is the area in which you live have done too little? Did you know that a small apartment can be overwhelming, but if you have a little imagination.  Below are a few small tricks that do not require a lot of money, but they are certainly a big hit for those who want their apartment to breathe new life and a new spell in your life.

Discard the excess stuff

The first thing you need to do, today, to get rid of excess stuff.  Make a general cleaning and remove all items that are not used for a long time, but in vain collect dust.  Sometimes for the years we keep various little things that have no any purpose, they are  not even in the category of memory.  I think that right now is the right time to throw them away.

Make a magic mirror in your home

Mirrors are the perfect visual tools that will make your space bigger. Yes, it is in terms of an optical illusion, but really phenomenal optical illusion. Go to the flea market, where you can surely find a nice and cheap mirrors. Furniture which incorporates the mirrors are also a good choice. The mirror that you buy at a flea market very easily with the help of varnish and paint can transform into a new piece of furniture, which will have a personal touch, and where neighbors will envy. In addition, the fact is that you will enjoy as you create your own hands.

Cut out large furniture

Large corner sofa is great for lounging and welcome friends, but in a small space corner sofa is something unacceptable. When buying furniture you have to think of the size of the room. The best decision you can make is to create a custom-made furniture. The walls are also a great place where you can hide some things from the floor and thus relieving the new space.

Create a new layout for old furniture

The amazing effects that make a little rearranging existing furniture. Consider that a piece of furniture can be separated into components, and then rearrange the pieces around the apartment. Previously a plan, and be sure to measure the space where you want to create a new schedule. When you start moving things will surely get  some new ideas, which are of course always welcome.

Bright colors are so warm

Dark and cool colors are the worst possible choice for a small apartment. Try a bright, warm colors which create a place, and bring joy and warmth and visually enhance your apartment. Dark colors are elegant but small apartment will surely make it even smaller, and it's certainly not what you want.

Get a decorative baskets and shelves
Warehouse or goods storage is crucial in small apartments. If not, then consider decorative baskets or shelves where you can put away things that do not have a place, or simply do not know where to stand.
Bring your creativity and let your imagination run wild, enter serenity in your life, you just care what the neighbors say. Why your wall must be white? It can be colorful and cheerful, just like the next day that will live in their new old home. Good luck my dear friends!