ponedjeljak, 2. lipnja 2014.

Yellow color stimulates the brain

We love the Sun.  Rain and overcast sky bring depressing tones in our lives, so surround yourself with the warm and bright colors. Color your walls in yellow. Yellow is the color of sunshine and clear days. Yellow is the color of joy. 

The yellow color improves mood and promotes optimism. 

Chromotherapy is treatment with the paints. According to experts in chromotherapy the therapeutic use of yellow color has a positive effect on the nervous system, stimulates creativity, digestion and elimination of harmful substances from the body. 
People who love yellow are full of energy, lively are actively involved in what is happening around them, are spontaneous, love to explore and face the challenges. 

Pastel shades of yellow are a great choice for a dark floor, basement rooms, narrow corridors and small hallway. Bright yellow color is a good choice for the bedroom and living room. 

Yellow color has a positive effect on children's development. In combination with the blue option for walls in children's rooms. For creative work of children preferred the combination of yellow and purple. 

Light blue and bright yellow are the colors of the sky and the sun and are a great choice for decorating offices. Yellow stimulates the intellect and the blue communication. 

Yellow color brings joy. Yellow and pink shades are perfect for artistic interiors. 
If you want to further alleviate the energy of yellow, turn and neutral shades, especially white. 

Yellow color brings joy into your life. 
Golden tones stimulate the brain, making the decorative details in those tones and this is good option for rooms for learning and creative expression. Details that you can use are the stars on a dark blue ceiling or walls in the nursery, pillows on the sofa or the pattern on the wallpaper in the living room or gilded frame for the photo. According to Feng Sui, the color of the sun creates harmony in all directions of movement of energy. 

Vibrant shades of yellow increases energy levels, and bright shades bring peace and good choice of recreational facilities. If you soon intended to paint your home, then the think about  the yellow color.