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Tips for quick house cleaning

Maintaining a clean home does not have to be such a hassle. Experts reveal how to make the house easier to maintain and clean the house in a very short time.

For most of the surfaces in the kitchen will be enough for a multi-purpose spray cleaner, a good solution is the vinegar with warm water if you just keep clean (as is natural, non-toxic and inexpensive). Elements of a good hot water and soap (pay special attention to the handles and other areas that often touching). Of course, all this will be better than microfiber cleaning cloth because it will do a lot of work.

Slow down to go faster

To restrain the need to delete immediately after you have applied cleanser. If you apply it and delete it, not allowing the product to act, and every product they need at least two to three minutes. In this way the product works for you, while you are waiting, do something else, like put laundry in the machine. Rule two to three minutes applies to all areas, from the table to the shower.

For toilet

If toilets  want to keep clean, every day you make a mixture of water and some soap, like the old shampoo or shower gel, scale 50-50. Retaining wipe board and ridges, shake out the excess in the toilet. Minutes of work for this unpleasant task. If you have male children, the proposal is dauvek near you wet wipes for disinfection, which will erase board and rocky islands.

Get rid of dust

The room is always ready to hand disposable handkerchief to wipe dust, and when the commercials on television, you can delete it. It's a small effort, but it is worth it.

Flowers that clean air

In addition to refining the room looks nice, some flowers may be very useful and to serve as a air purifier . Hrizenteme, African violet, cyclamen and all kinds of orchids improve air quality in the home. People who work in rooms decorated with plants suffer less from fatigue and headaches, according to research, and that's because indoor plants filter the air by absorbing pollutants.

Gerber in the bedroom reduces the levels of benzene, harmful compounds that weaken the immune system and is located in varnishes and paints for furniture, detergents and cleaners and insecticides.

Spatifilium among the best air benzene waste water treatment plants, and is very easy to hold in the corridor in order to prevent the toxins spread from one room to another.

Ivy is ideal for the kitchen. On "absorbed" formaldehyde, a colorless pungent gas that is in disinfectant, and irritating to mucous membranes and causes headaches. 

Sources of infestation in your home

Hand washing and disinfecting surfaces around you can reduce the chances of infection by 50 percent, according to Dr. Charles Gerba, who studies shed more than three decades. Here's how to maintain and clean the cases in which microbes know how to hide.

Germs thrive in a moist environment, like your toothbrush, says Dr. Gerba. To protect your mouth, replace your toothbrush every three to four months, and then close the cover before you turn on the water in the toilet.


There's a reason doctors and nurses have to put their jewelry in the operating room. Study of in 1997.has shown that health care workers who wear rings on them, have considerably more germs, even after washing their hands. However, there are exceptions - silver is antimicrobial, so the jewelry made of this metal should remain relatively sterile.

Mats for practice

Mat for people to practice every day treading barefoot and sweating. Therefore, it is always better to bring your mat to be sending regular hygiene maintenance.


Probably often do you wash sheets and pillowcases, but when was the last time I washed the pillow?Cushions include fungi, bacteria and dust mites which can cause allergies. Several studies have shown that the pillows one of the largest sources of infection in hospitals.


In some cases, a desk and objects in it have more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Eat with your finger, blowing out, coughing and sneezing all these areas. The cleaners do not clean them mainly because they are under private land. It is best to regularly clean the desk and everything on it. 

Tips for washing machine

Sometimes stupid thing like washing machine can ruin the day ... Not to dissipate power and powder if you want to better understand what it says on the label that you want to machine wash, to remove a stain that has ruined your favorite piece and shorten the service , read a few useful tips.

Reading the label
Washing: Number of nacrtanoj container tells you at what temperature must not wash. If the vessel is drawn underlined line, turn the program for delicate items and do not overload the machine.
Ironing: A triangle indicates that the board is allowed. The crossed-out triangle means that the product must not to iron. A triangle with two lines in it means you can use bleach based kisonika, but not with chlorine.
Drying: square with an inscribed circle means that the product can not dry in the dryer. Point in the middle of the circle means that the drying temperature should be low, and the two points - high. If a square with a circle crossed out, washing dry naturally.
Ironing: Number of nacrtanoj irons mean temperature ironing. One point - slightly warm iron, two points - warm, and three points - hot iron. If iron is crossed out, not iron the.

Classification of service
RANGE - Organise your dirty laundry by color, materials and recommended washing temperature.Gather enough service to not include half-machine. Very dirty laundry should stand in a cool, but do keep it unwashed for longer than 15 days. Heavily soiled laundry it is better to soak in water with baking to rest, especially if it has stains. For example, you isflekali tablecloth during dinner should sit submerged throughout the night and in the morning you just put it in the machine.

SPEED - Apply for removing stains, and if they are greasy stains, add a few drops of dishwashing detergent. For best results it is important to act as soon as possible.

Preparing for the machine
CLOSING - Before you put the laundry in the machine, close the pockets, zippers, pockets empty.Sleeves rolled up, correct, and highly vulnerable laundry should be put in a white cotton pillowcase.Clothing that is colorful, has printed details or stickers and applications, turn upside down. Never pour more powder than indicated on the package. Machine in the machine should be enough to top you can insert a hand clenched in a fist. Council plus for hand washing: hand washing after washing with cold water, and a warm wool and silk. 

How to clean the appliances in the home?

Before you start cleaning service, make sure that the appliances and means of cleaning themselves clean behold how secure devices from dirt and various odors.

If not properly maintained, the dishwasher can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and even mold. Besides, it can and unpleasant smells thanks to leftovers.

"To kill bacteria, remove any residual detergent and remove the layers of fat. Gather the scraps from the bottom of the sink with a cloth or paper towel. Then pour the alcohol into a cup of vinegar, put it on the top shelf in an empty machine and turn it on with the hottest water available. Do you want to refresh the scent, a cup of baking soda sprinkle the bottom of the machine and also turn the strongest program 'savjtuje Sherry Le Masuria, author of "House Cleaning Tips: How to Clean and Declutter Your Home Fast."

Washing machine
As with a dishwasher, the first sign that the washing machine is dirty smell.

"The smell can be a variety of things, such as the residue of detergent or fabric softener, bacteria from clothing or the inclination to hold a long wet clothes in the washing machine. Moisture indoors can create a mold. Warm water will not kill all bacteria, especially those such as E . coli and salmonella that come with underwear and dish cloths. these bacteria in the machine can be extended to other clothes, "says Le Masuria.

Disinfect the alcohol is distilled vinegar and baking soda - all-powerful duo for cleaning. Run the hot water and add the mixture that you have created (on the way to add detergent). For machines that are filled from above, add 3 to 4 cups of vinegar to half a cup of baking soda, for those who are filled with the traditional way, a quarter cup of vinegar, stir in 4 tablespoons of baking soda. When the mixture is mixed with water, put the program on pause and let it rest for 30 to 60 minutes. Restart the machine, and when the program ends and remove water, wipe the drum and let it air dry.

You need to wash your whites? Kill two birds with one stone. Beautify your machine and remove the bacteria in hot water and bleach.

To prevent bacteria and mold Dona Smolin, author of "Cleaning Plain & Simple", suggests that mandatory leave the door open.

Without maintenance, the vacuum cleaner is only good for "turning" dirt. Vacuum can be filled with dust and allergens and become 20 percent less effective each time it is clean, "said Frank Fountain, an expert in lifestyle. Cleaner can clean and without having to disassemble. For those without a pouch you just emptied after each uses. For those with bags, replace it when the third full.

Clean the filter to shake off dust and remove finger deposited. You can and replace every six months to a year. Finally, check that the rotating brush piled hair. If you can not pluck the hair, take the scissors and cut them and find them easier to pull out.

"If the vacuum cleaner still does not draw well, the problem is there. Dismantle every removable part to check every corner," says Fontana. Avoid contact with water to reduce the possibility of developing pbuđi that can occur especially in the vacuum of a double wet-chemical cleaning. Are there any unpleasant odors in some parts, wash them thoroughly, but dry well before you assemble the parts again.

Brooms and BRISKO
Dusters is enough to shake off the dust. To make sure that you remove any trace of dust, you can use a spray such as cleaning the keyboard.

"Brooms require more attention. Broom If you always dirty, even after the removal of waste from the end, gently wash the areas with warm water and mild detergent. Then rinse and air dry. Fibers facing up to a cleaner, broom and more continued, "advises Le Masuria.

Already Everybody knows that sponges contain a ton of bacteria. However, you can reduce your disinfect sponges every few days, if not every day, or replace them once a month.

For disinfection, soak the sponge in water, put it in the microwave and keep it minute over high heat.Important note: Be careful not to squeeze the sponge because it could cause a fire. Another option is to soak the sponge in a solution of bleach and water (one cup of bleach to a bucket of water), rinse and pat dry.

Keep a couple of sponges, each used for different purposes in order to avoid the spread of bacteria. "If you use a sponge for pots, switches and sponge sponge for dishes, one can cut up into three parts and thus save. And remember, the bacteria live only a few hours to dry conditions, so always squeezing a sponge," says Le Masuria.

Magic cloths
Perfect for dusting. Wash them in the washing machine with detergent you normally use. Do not use fabric softener because it will contain oils that clog the fibers of the cloth and will no longer be effective. Dry in the air.

They are similar to sponges as far as collection of bacteria and dirt. Wash them in the washing machine and use bleach. Do not leave them in a bucket of water but are still dry well, says Magazine. *** Cheats for quick cleaning and fat dishes zagorelog

Do you keep them in a cool, dark place, most cleaning products can last up to two years, unless otherwise indicated on the package. "It is dangerous to use the product after the expiry date, but its antibacterial properties will not be as effective," says Le Masuria.

Since most products are water soluble and do not fall into toxic waste, other than bleach. Cleaning products can be kept together, but not used. Check all the original labels so you know which products can or you can not interfere with each other. For example, mix up the bleach and ammonia can get toxic fumes. After each use, rinse the bottle of drops that came out and close before you return to our site again. 

How to clean burnt dishes?

Who's got plenty of time to thoroughly clean, and when even small accidents happen like iskipelog lunch, everything seems worse than it is.

Here are some ideas for cleaning, which should save you time.

Tomatoes and other similar foods often leave marks on plastic dishes, even after washing. When the weather is nice, you can put the bowl on the sun, and their colors fade. Previous spread them with lemon juice.

2 Burnt SUGAR
The good thing about sugar is that it dissolves and melts. The container in which the dry spell pour hot water, and pour out a short leave. Does it stay in the pan, repeat the process.

If you spill food on the stove, try to delete it after cooking, as soon as they cool down, the dirt soon.Take a damp cloth and place it in a little dirt to soak, and then press and wipe the surface.

4 Burnt EGG
If you have fried an egg that is then stuck to the pan, just add hot water should boil a few minutes and you just peel the egg remains.

5 Strainer
If you are in a strainer other dried food and stubbornly sticking to the holes, first a brief dip in hot water, and when food remains soft, remove them with a toothpick.

Do not wash it in the dishwasher or leave in the water for a long time because it will rust. If you for example Randall lemon, leave it in a warm stove or radiator cover to dry out and then just wipe and wash hand grater.

7 OIL from the fryer
When the fryer is completely cooled, pour the oil into a plastic bag and close and discard in the trash.You must never pour oil down the sink or toilet because you can plug drains.

8 Big bow TIGANJ OR Serpe
If you cook or bake something in large vessels, it is difficult to wash in the sink. Therefore, pour the water and let it boil on the stove a few minutes if browning, stir the bottom several times with a wooden ladle. Finally pour the water and wash until the end of soap and a sponge. Large vessels can easily be washed in the bathtub.

As soon as roast meat, clean the cage wire and cover the grill with the large plug. As the coal cools, will create heat and melt the rest of the extra fat. After just wipe the grate, and a little fat on it does not matter.

10th Burnt MILK
Now, you have burnt milk on the edges of pots or pans when you have already made bechamel? Pour a few teaspoons of baking soda and water and bring to a boil. Burnt remains of the milk alone will loosen and float on water. 

Vinegar has a broad purpose

If you do not want to iron things, after washing while still wet spray them with vinegar, which will pre-mixed with water. Then place your stuff on the side and wait for it to dry.


Combine 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons olive oil and 3 egg whites. Rub it in the root of the hair and then put a shower cap which will hold 30 minutes and then rinse. Your hair will be softer and healthier.


As a toner to tighten and cleanse the skin, can also use a mix of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water, which will be applied daily swabs and thus make your skin deep cleaner.


The best way to Perform a manicure at home is to soak your fingers in vinegar for five minutes, then let it dry before you begin to paint the nails. Vinegar will remove the damaged surface layers and make your nail brighter and smooth.


Use vinegar as a mouthwash, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.


If you have color-treated hair and want to protect the color from chlorine when going to the pool, apply vinegar on the hair and hold 15 minutes before the dive.

Relief of pain

Dry and inflamed wound can heal faster utapakvanjem white vinegar three times a day and you will alleviate the pain and swelling.


Soothe the bites from mosquitoes and sunburn by gently utapkavati white or apple cider vinegar on the painful area.

HEALS bruises

Prevent the appearance of black bruises dip cotton gauze in apple cider vinegar and leave gauze on the injured place to rest for an hour.


Remove spots and stains from winter footwear by mix vinegar and water and apply the towel to boot.After cleaning shoe polish shoe go.

HAIR dandruff

Cure dandruff and dry hair by rubbing apple cider vinegar combined with water in the proportions of 50% to 50%, then rinse.


Soften skin with apple vinegar by the swimming sićeta mix one cup of water.


Prevent treated hair rinse solution of white vinegar and one cup of cold water to help you fix the color.

GLANC silver jewelry

Maintain silver jewelry by him soak in a cup half full with white vinegar and baking soda, then rinse and dry. 

The most common problems with the dishwasher

Although modern dishwashers today have a long life, it does not mean that throughout this period to work flawlessly. Before calling the master whom you hazard pay, read the ways in which you are unable to solve some of the simpler failure. "Smart" solutions to minor problems are taken from the book Ariane Cohen which are usually integrated customer complaints when the dishwasher comes .

1 When I open the machine at the bottom of the water. Why?
Do you have a clogged drain. Empty the dishwasher, look for the filter and clean it. The main culprits for this problem are chicken bones, broken glass and a variety of films, which are invisible to the eye.

2 Why did the dishes after washing dirty?
You may be clogged sprinklers. Unplug the machine from the power supply, empty the water and pull the nozzle out (can be moved for cleaning, refer to the instructions that). Well check out all the holes, and if they are clogged, clean them with a toothpick.

If everything looks good, the problem might be in the warm water - not warm enough to melt fat. In this case, refer to the instructions.

3 Why glasses are not great but solid stain?
Put them in vinegar for five minutes - if you become great, it means that your water is too hard. In that case, put more detergent in the machine. If the stain remains, the problem is prevrućoj the temperature of washing or using too much detergent.

4 The machine is spreading bad smell, like burned out
You probably have an older model machine with a visible heating element at the bottom. Foods with a washer here and there probably fall on him, so he burns. Remove it.

5 What can I do to get rid of stubborn fat in the machine?
The temperature may be in the machine at a temperature that is required to melt fat. See instructions.If your machine does not have thermostat (most of them still have), raise the temperature of water in the tank is 5 ° C.

6 How to get rid of whitish spots on the dishes?
You have very hard water, use more rinse aid.

7 How to prevent the doors leak?
First check that maybe some piece washer is not stuck, so why can not a good idea to close the door. If all is well, maybe not "lie" right. If you see that the doors do not stand in line, take the tool and tighten or loosen the screws for the doors securely in place.

In addition, the problem may be in the tire around the neck, in which case you need to change it.