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Things you have to throw out of the house

Sometimes it seems that the area in which you live is cluttered with unnecessary things. No matter how much you try, you agree, relocated, clean, clutter is simply irrepressible. 

The solution is very simple: "Take unnecessary things." It is sometimes difficult to separate some things, but when you really look at it, you realize that you have not used for several years. Probably never, and will not! 

Things you should throw out of the house 
The following is a list of Hufington posts, which will surely serve some as a good guide to throwing unnecessary things: 

  • Props for hobbies some of which have already long since given up.
  • The old textbooks.
  • Promotional mugs and glasses that came free with the meal.
  • Loads of tram and bus tickets, tickets for concerts, movies and plays which you do not remember.
  • Old newspapers and magazines that you have not touched in months.
  • VHS tapes, cassettes and DVDs that have not seen for years.
  • Almost empty carton of ice cream in the freezer.
  • Tainted shirts that have since school.
  • Hackneyed towel for years instead of using blankets in the bathroom.
  • Holiday greeting cards.
  • Treasury of plastic bags that are stored in the cupboard under the sink.
  • Unidentified foods in the refrigerator or freezer, wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • All half-filled notebooks, notebooks, diaries, and notes that you have no idea what they mean.
  • Everything that you brought home from their parents solely because of guilt.
  • Medicines that have expired.
  • Office supplies that you never use, including pens that do not write.
  • Cheap jewelry that is already a few years into a ball that is impossible to disentangle.
  • Plastic containers that have lost the cover.
  • Empty containers of coffee.
  • Empty bottles of alcohol that you keep for years.
  • Various cables and wires that are never used.
  • Inventories of sauces that you never opened.
Good luck and boldly go! Your apartment will be a few decisive moves surely see through!

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