petak, 25. travnja 2014.

How to quickly fresh your home?

You are so tired of minuses on your bank cards and do not want to watch the master at home. Below are some great ideas for those who want to quickly and easily refresh your living space. 

The freshness and bright colors bring a good mood.

Small jars with flowers
You must have countless jars in your home. Indoor flowers are offered in a variety of colors and many shades so that they are easy to fit into your existing environment. Flowers need not be the same color as the walls. Potted plants are a good choice.

Mini curtains are a hit
If you have a dilemma about putting up curtains, try one that will not completely cover the window, and at the same time give him warmth.

White is a great spring refresh
White would not look out of the colors we currently have in the room, just to refresh them. If the colors are mostly warm (brown, yellow or red) to use the 'creamy' variant like ivory. Prevail if the cooler shades (blue or green) opt for pure white.

Paint your walls
The wall in which you watch most often, the one behind the TV or in front of the bed, both in a pastel version of the current colors in the room. You no drastic changes bring additional light into your living space. If such a color quickly get bored, you can always go back to the old version. Today's color palette for the walls very luxurious and are not very expensive, so you're free to play to their hearts' content.

Floral patterns bring joy into space
Make a tablecloth or pillow with floral pattern. Your living room will get a very cheerful look.

Remove unnecessary ornaments
See the area in which you live. The fact is that it contains a myriad of unnecessary items that distract and gather dust. Leave a few decorations that will come to the fore.

Colored glass is popular
Glass and plastic items can easily stain. Colorful objects place where the sun's rays fall. A transparent glass in which you pour the liquid into the colors is equally effective.

Templates for drawing can be found in almost every store. Unleash your imagination and have fun. When your template is no longer popular, brush in hand in a done deal!