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Details that will brighten up your living space

How to achieve warmth in your living space?
The answer is simple. Little things that make life beautiful. When decorating your apartment much more likely to think about colors, materials, lighting and layout of the space, but rare are those who are thinking about small details. Precisely, these small details give character and warmth the most beautiful place in the world to call home.

There are a number of details with which you can completely transform your living space.
When you go shopping every day by the way try to plan the purchase of new, small decorative items for your home. In some countries there are specialized shops. The choice details that you buy depends on your imagination and creativity and the time you have available.

Painted cups, bowls or trays made of glass, ceramic, crystal give the identity of the home, but also complement the festive atmosphere at the required times. Choose colors and motifs that will fit into your interior. Delicate tones with shades of gold or silver, are an attractive detail for every festive occasion that requires glitter and shine. Selection motives is unlimited. It is possible to paint a motive for a special occasion. These matters are its simplicity and beauty, decorate each policy, and complemented by quality lighting will create a little exhibition room in your home.Maintenance of these items is very easy, wash at temperatures up to 60 ° C, depending on the color, technique and execution time.

If you are a nature lover, we propose image of dried flowers and dried fruit. Such images it is desirable to put the interior, dominated by natural materials, because you will not go wrong in choosing the color or image size. Natural environment that already exists, it will be enriched with stylish complementary detail. If you opt for something less permanent detail, but in harmony with nature, we propose arrangements of dried and live flowers arranged in a glass bowl unusual shape.

Flower arrangements will make festive and enjoyable home, and their amendment or amendments can often change the atmosphere in the space. Can be placed on a wall, floor, table, depending on the size and the arrangement and colors can be accommodated within the interior or to use as contrast accents that will bring dynamism and freshness to your space.
And remember, whatever you do do with love. 

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